Use focus in a sentence (2023)


  • She shook her head, her focus back on Alex.



  • He forced himself to focus on something else.



  • Carmen tried to focus on Felipa, but her mind was full of questions.



  • She cleared her throat, forcing herself to focus on his dark eyes.



  • Go see her, keep an open mind, and focus on what is important.




  • When he could finally focus through the black of the night, he plodded forward, feet wallowing in the soft sand like a boat in a heavy sea.



  • They hated him because he couldn't focus his magic.



  • She couldn't focus on anything farther away than her hand, and looking at her hand made her cry.



  • Her focus right now seemed to be winning Destiny, but Destiny didn't warm to people easily.



  • She stepped into the clammy, wet world of fog and darkness, pausing to focus on the portal that would lead to her sister.s house.




  • He couldn't focus on the face, but he saw the glowing red eyes.



  • Her insides quaked, but she breathed deeply to keep calm and focus her mind.



  • Sofia tried to focus on flipping through a magazine.



  • Scarcity was the new watchword as the focus turned to all the problems of the future, not all the possibilities.



  • If Darian lost his focus and disappeared again, he suspected it'd be another week before he had a chance to sleep.




  • When she could focus again, she stopped short.



  • Let the curve represent an elliptic orbit, AB being the major axis, DE the minor axis, and F the focus in which the centre of attraction is situated, which centre we shall call the sun.


  • Another curious theorem proposed by Bouilland in 1625 as a substitute for Kepler's second law is that the angular motion of the body as measured around the empty focus F' is (approximately) uniform.


  • Yellow fever (which first appeared in Cuba in 1647) was long the only epidemic disease, Havana being an endemic focus.


  • One member of Mountain Rescue grabbed him under the arms while another unfastened his line, but he shook off their ministrations while he tried to focus on the activity going on around him.




  • He despised her video game playing and art, instead saying she needed a man capable of keeping her feet on the ground long enough for her to focus on doing something real with her life.



  • Before her eyes could focus, pain jolted through her.



  • He shook out his shoulders, trying to focus on whatever it was Kiki had been talking about.



  • Obviously this writer is harder to focus than Kant or Hegel.



  • Uneasy, he also realized he had to focus on mopping up the rest of his mess in the mortal world, so he could start to address the underworld.




  • Kiera stared at him, struggling to focus on his face when all she wanted to do was study every inch of his perfect body.



  • She started with a sketch of A'Ran and found she couldn't focus on anything else.



  • Sam, please focus There are some weird things going on with us and I'm hoping you can help make some sense of them.



  • Now, focus on locating the other three keypads.



  • From the surface to 500 fathoms the general form of the isothermals remains the same, except that instead of an equatorial maximum belt there is a focus of maximum temperature off the eastern coast of the United States.



  • In 259 Odenathus, the Palmyrene adventurer whose memory has been eclipsed by that of his wife Zenobia, laid Nehardea waste for the time being, and in its neighbourhood arose the academy of Pumbedita (Pombeditha) which became a new focus for the intellectual life of Israel in Babylonia.



  • Let AB be the major axis of the orbit, B the pericentre, F the focus or centre of motion, P the position of the body.



  • You must focus on controlling your breathing and keep your eye on the target.



  • Inexplicable scenes tore through her mind too fast for her to focus on any one of them.



  • The sounds and smells of the forest nearly caused them to lose focus and stop running to fully experience their surroundings.




  • She tried to focus on the job at hand.



  • It would shift the focus from Lori to Jonathan and make him feel more welcome.



  • As she struggled to focus and keep her tears away, another thought came to her.



  • Jessi's focus returned to Xander.



  • In 1639 Avranches was the focus of the peasant revolt against the salt-tax, known as the revolt of the Nu-pieds.




  • The congress of zemstvos, hitherto the focus of Liberalism, had petitioned the government, before the opening of the third Duma, to take measures for the restoration of order.



  • The spectra of the stars he obtained by using, outside the object-glass of his telescope, a large prism, through which the light passed to be brought to a focus in front of the eye-piece.



  • Other focusing options include manual focusing, auto focusing lock, focus bracketing and an auto focus assist beam for lowlight photography.



  • Well, the diseases that human beings focus on are the ones considered most unbearable.



  • They will take advantage of the freedom from financial want that the modern age gives them and will focus on improving themselves and the world they live in.




  • She shook her head to focus her thoughts.



  • Death was right. Kris didn't have what it took to keep the Council together. He may have just lost one of his brothers, because he lost focus of what he should've done. Maybe he should've known Jade was a traitor or Hannah was a demon. He hadn't known of Andre's danger or been able to bring the Council together to fight the demons that threatened them all. He hadn't been able to keep Hannah safe or Toby or Katie.



  • It was best to focus on the things within her grasp – like Alex.



  • She blinked, trying to bring it into focus.



  • For the next two days she tried to focus on the wedding plans.




  • Only this time her focus spread out to other things; the arbor of forget-me-nots where they would exchange vows, the cake with its three tiers of cascading flowers.


  • Maybe if she would focus on assisting him in that, it would be less intimidating.


  • She kept her focus on the task of loading her plate, avoiding his gaze.


  • By the time children came along, they would be ready to focus on them in unison.


  • Too weak to focus, she didn't know who it was until he'd knelt beside her.


  • He met her gaze and held her eyes, forcing her to focus on him.


  • The man before her gripped her shoulders again and shook her, and the fuzzy faces of the men from her guard came into focus.


  • Rissa drew a deep breath with difficulty and forced her mind to focus.


  • Her own breathing was loud in the pause, and she tried to focus on his voice and not the dark thoughts in her mind.


  • Aaron finally spoke, as his focus shifted from Rob to Carmen.


  • He tried to focus on the book again, but after a few minutes something compelled him to look at her.


  • Right now he'd best focus on the job ahead and forget about things like that.


  • That internal focus had ultimately cost her the ultimate relationship.


  • They would have enough on their plate for a while, and waiting would assure that they could focus on the baby.


  • If he kept their attention divided and their focus on their turf wars, he was largely overlooked.


  • She went to the iPad and tried to focus on reading her rules.


  • You may want to focus on a headshot.


  • Jule's focus was on her.


  • There almost seems to be more to you, she considered, focus on the road.


  • Xander found himself hesitating before he released his focus on molding his power.


  • When he lifted his head, her thoughts were too addled for her to focus on anything more than the sensations of the body against hers.


  • One of the most essential points in a good micrometer is that all the webs shall be so nearly in the same plane as to be well in focus together under the highest powers used, and at the same time absolutely free from " fiddling."


  • The result is that no trace of " fiddling " exists, and the movable and fixed webs come sharply together in focus with the highest powers.


  • The scales of the images formed in the focus of the eyepiece common to both microscopes shall be identical.


  • The court at which he grew up was the focus of great activities, for Philip, by war and diplomacy, was raising Youth.



  • Sir David Brewster modified his apparatus by moving the object-box and closing the end of the tube by a lens of short focus which forms images of distant objects at the distance of distinct vision.



  • With the rise of Llanelly the industrial importance of Carmarthen has tended to decline; but owing to its central position, its close connexion with the bishops of St David's and its historic past the town is still the chief focus of all social, political and ecclesiastical movements in the three counties of Cardigan, Pembroke and Carmarthen.


  • Every monastery erected in the Magyar wildernesses was not only a centre of religion, but a focus of civilization.


  • His two newspapers, the Illyrian National Gazette and the Danica Ilirska (Illyrian Daystar) provided a literary focus for the rising generation; while his reform of Croat orthography, planned on parallel lines with Vuk Karadzic's epochmaking philological work in Serbia, assured to modern SerboCroat literature a definitely unitary development.


  • The Serbian court, instead of being a centre of perpetual scandal and misrule, resumed its true position as a focus of national aspirations, and this change was not lost upon the Yugosla y s of " the other side."


  • In the absence of a heliostat it is more convenient to obtain a point of light with the aid of a lens of short focus.


  • If the origin of light be treated as infinitely small, and be seen in focus, whether with the naked eye or with the aid of a telescope, the whole of the light in the absence of obstacles would be concentrated in the immediate neighbourhood of the focus.


  • The question is whether, when the adjustment of focus is correct for the central rays of the spectrum, the error of phase for the most extreme rays (which it is necessary to consider) amounts to a quarter of a wave-length.


  • A rotation of this amount should therefore be easily visible, but the limits of resolving power are being approached; and the conclusion is independent of the focal length of the mirror, and of the employment of a telescope, provided of course that the reflected image is seen in focus, and that the full width of the mirror is utilized.


  • If a surface intended to be flat is affected with a slight general curvature, a remedy may be found in an alteration of focus, and the remedy is the less complete as the reflection is more oblique.


  • The explanation of the difference of focus upon the two sides as due to unequal spacing was verified by Cornu upon gratings purposely constructed with an increasing interval.


  • In order that a large part of the field of view may be in focus at once, it is desirable that the locus of the focused spectrum should be nearly perpendicular to the line of vision.


  • The mechanical arrangements for maintaining the focus are of great simplicity.


  • The secondary pulses diverted by the ruling fall upon an object-glass as usual, and on arrival at the focus constitute a procession equally spaced in time, the interval between consecutive members depending upon the obliquity.


  • Diffraction when the Source of Light is not seen in Focus.


  • As a source of light he used sunshine passing through a very small hole perforated in a metal plate, or condensed by a lens of short focus.


  • Of such are tetanus and diphtheria, now known to be due to the establishment from without of a local microbic infection, from which focus a toxin is diffused to the nervous matter.


  • Discontent in Ireland was now rapidly becoming dangerous, and was finding a focus in the Society of the United Irishmen, and in the Catholic Committee, an organization formed a few years previously, chiefly under the direction of Lord Kenmare, to watch the interests of the Catholics.


  • This beautiful street, with its northward branches, Park Lane, from which splendid houses overlook Hyde Park, and Bond Street, lined with handsome shops, may be said to focus the fashionable life of London.


  • Fearing that the little court of the Inca Tupac Amaru -(who had succeeded his brother Sayri Tupac) might become a focus of rebellion, he seized the young prince, and unjustly beheaded the last of the Incas in the square of Cuzco in the year 1571.


  • He shows how the paper must be moved till it is brought into the focus of the lens, the use of a diaphragm to make the image clearer, and also the application of the method for drawing in true perspective.


  • When the members of a shower are observed with special regard to their directions it is seen that they diverge from a common focus.


  • The meteors, whatever their dimensions, must have motions around the sun in obedience to the law of gravitation in the same manner as planets and comets - that is, in conic sections of which the sun is always at one focus.


  • All objects, therefore, which lie beyond a certain point (the conjugate focus of the dioptric system of the eye, the far point) are indistinctly seen; rays from them have not the necessary divergence to be focused in the retina, but may obtain it by the interposition of suitable concave lenses.


  • In hypermetropia the retina is in front of the principal focus of the eye.


  • As an astronomer, Rittenhouse's principal merit is that he introduced in 1786 the use of spider lines in the focus of a transit instrument.


  • It is usual to place a glass ball on a dark ground, to sit with the back to the light, to focus the gaze on the ball (disregarding reflections, if these cannot be excluded), and to await results.


  • Initiated from childhood in all the arts of diplomacy at what was then the focus of civilization, and as much a warrior by nature as his imperial kinsman Manuel, Bela showed himself from the first fully equal to all the difficulties of his peculiar position.


  • But as the orbits are not centred on the sun, which is in a focus of each, the displacement of the seeming circle would be readily seen in the case of Mercury and of Mars.


  • Savary dwells on the difficulty both of procuring lenses sufficiently equal in focus and of accurately adjusting and centring them.


  • Some excellent instruments of the second type were subsequently made by Dollond's eldest son Peter, in which for the " convex glass within the tube " was substituted an achromatic object-glass, and outside that a divided negative achromatic combination of long focus.


  • The chief objections to the method are that, as one star is in the axis of the telescope and the other displaced from it, the images are not both in focus of the eye-piece,3 and the rays from the two stars do not make the same angle with the optical axis of each segment.


  • The second method is free from the objection of non-coincidence in focus of the images, but is more troublesome in practice from the necessity for frequent readjustment of the position of the eye-piece.


  • Thus, in measuring the largest as well as the smallest angles, the images of both stars would be equally symmetrical and equally well in focus.


  • There is a collar, clamped by the screw at S, which is so adjusted that the eye-piece is in focus when pushed home, in its adapter, to this collar.


  • Ramsden's dioptric micrometer consists of a divided lens placed in the conjugate focus of the innermost lens of the erecting eye-tube of a terrestrial telescope.


  • The magnifying power of the eye-piece is that of a single lens of focus = Jp.


  • It afterwards became the seat of the dukes of Bavaria, and one of the main bulwarks of the East Frankish monarchy; and it was also the focus from which Christianity spread over southern Germany.


  • When the axis of the eye-lens coincides with that of the object-glass, and the focal point of the eye-lens is coincident with the principal focus of the object-lens, parallel rays.


  • For normal eyes the natural adaptation is not to focus for quiteparallel rays, but on objects at a moderate distance, and practically, therefore, most persons do adjust the focus of a telescope, for most distinct and easy vision, so that the rays emerge from the eye-piece very slightly divergent.


  • However extraordinary it may appear, especially to those who bring the living forms only into focus, that opposition should still be made to Huxley's primary division of the vertebrates other than mammals into Sauropsida (birds and reptiles) and Ichthyopsida (batrachians and fishes), it is certain that recent discoveries in palaeontology have reduced the gap between batrachians and reptiles to such a minimum as to cause the greatest embarrassment in the attempt to draw a satisfactory line of separation between the two; on the other hand the hiatus between fishes and batrachians remains as wide as it was at the time Huxley's article Amphibia (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th ed.) was written.


  • Magdeburg, therefore, became the focus of the whole campaign of 1631; but the obstructive timidity of the electors of Brandenburg and Saxony threw insuperable obstacles in his way, and, on the very day when John George I.


  • After a moment his focus came back to her face.


  • An auto focus illuminator also helps the camera to focus in the dark.


  • A lot of footage uses the ' soft focus ' technique to made the background indistinct and obviously out of focus.


  • The primary focus will be on investigating lineaments of the region and determining which are active fault zones ' .


  • Jesus turns the focus from past misfortune to present repentance.


  • Find one, focus on him, and let your power do its job, Charles answered.

  • But I think your focus should be on the Others.

  • Sirian's cool voice broke into his quiet focus.

  • It may be regarded as an epicycloid in which the rolling and fixed circles are equal in diameter, as the inverse of a parabola for its focus, or as the caustic produced by the reflection at a spherical surface of rays emanating from a point on the circumference.

  • If an ear-trumpet is placed at the focus of the second mirror the ticking may be heard easily, though it is quite inaudible by direct waves.

  • Or it may be revealed by placing a sensitive flame of the kind described below with its nozzle at the focus.

  • As light is concentrated into a focus by a.

  • The amount of precipitation is greater in the north-west and on the mountains, because in the one case the mountains of lower elevation are a less obstruction to the moisturebearing winds from the west, and in the other the mountains condense the moisture; the mountains which stand in isolated groups upon the plains are frequently in summer the focus of local thunder showers.

  • Metaphysics, again, is concerned with the ultimate problems of matter and spirit; it endeavours to go behind the phenomena of sense and focus its attention on the fundamental truths which are the only logical bases of natural science.

  • The focus of Polish nationality was now transferred from Warsaw, where the Targowicians and their Russian patrons reigned supreme, to Leipzig, whither the Polish patriots, Kosciuszko, Kollontaj and Ignaty Potocki among the number, assembled from all quarters.

  • The Trades Hall at Carlton is the meeting-place of the trades-union societies of Victoria, and is the focus of much political influence.

  • It is the inverse of a central conic for the focus, and the first positive pedal of a circle for any point.

  • He first brought the revolutions of our satellite within the domain of Kepler's laws, pointing out that her apparent irregularities could be completely accounted for by supposing her to move in an ellipse with a variable eccentricity and directly rotatory major axis, of which the earth occupied one focus.

  • If on emergence the different portions he brought together at the focus it is obvious that the optical action must be in every respect similar to that of a grating when the nth order of spectrum is considered.

  • In order to record line spectra it is by no means necessary that the receiving instrument (bolometer or radiometer) should be linear in shape, for the separation of adjacent lines may be obtained if the linear receiver be replaced by a narrow slit in a screen placed at the focus of the condensing lens.

  • In one solution of the former problem is the first recorded use of the property of a conic (a hyperbola) with reference to the focus and directrix.

  • A different arrangement, used in the instrument described below, consists in having the magnet hollow, with a small scale engraved on glass firmly attached at one end, while to the other end is attached a lens, so chosen that the scale is at its principal focus.

  • The position of the magnet is observed by means of a small telescope, and since the scale is at the principal focus of the lens, the scale will be in focus when the telescope is adjusted to observe a distant object.

  • Thus no alteration in the focus of the telescope is necessary whether we are observing the magnet, a distant fixed mark, or the sun.

  • The two achromatic lenses, C and D, bring the rays to a focus on the plane surface of the large lens, E, forming an image there.

  • In shape Milan is a fairly regular polygon, and its focus is the splendid Piazza del Duomo, from which a number of broad modern streets radiate in all directions.

  • Thus Kandahar becomes a sort of focus of all the direct routes converging from the wide-stretching western frontier of India towards Herat and Persia, and the fortress of Kandahar gives protection on the one hand to trade between Hindustan and Herat, and on the other it lends to Kabul security from invasion by way of Herat.

  • The forum at Pompeii was, as at Rome itself and in all other Italian cities, the focus and centre of all the life and movement of the city.

  • Within the focus of the object-glass is a right-angled prism of total reflection, which diverts the converging rays from the object-glass at right angles to the axis of the telescope, and permits the observing micrometer n to be mounted in the very convenient position shown in the figure.

  • In 17 9 3 the city was the focus of the Girondist movement against the Convention.

  • As a consequence the city became the chief focus of enterprise and foreign progress.

  • If the source be a point, such as the image formed by a lens of small focus or by a fine hole in a plate held close to a bright flame, the outline of the shadow is to be found by drawing straight lines from the luminous point so as to envelop the opaque body.

  • The most densely peopled region and the focus of civilization is the lacustrine depression and the surrounding uplands.

  • In fact dissemination seems to have taken place, as usual, by the conversion of one house after another into a focus of disease, a process favoured by the fatal custom of shutting up infected houses with all their inmates, which was not only almost equivalent to a sentence of death on all therein, but caused a dangerous concentration of the poison.

  • The focus of the movement was the Maros region, where the rebel Ajtony built the fortress of Marosvar.

  • Now in a conic whose focus is at 0 we have where 1 is half the latus-rectum, a is half the major axis, and the upper or lower sign is to be taken according as the conic is an ellipse or hyperbola.

  • This is recognized as the polar equation of a conic referred to the focus, the half latus-rectum being hf/u.

  • Thus for a circular orbit with the centre of force at an excentric point, the hodograph is a conic with the pole as focus.

  • He investigated the optical constants of the eye, measured by his invention, the ophthalmometer, the radii of curvature of the crystalline lens for near and far vision, explained the mechanism of accommodation by which the eye can focus within certain limits, discussed the phenomena of colour vision, and gave a luminous account of the movements of the eyeballs so as to secure single vision with two eyes.

  • The area of this seismic disturbance extended over north-eastern India, from Manipur to Sikkim; but the focus was in the Khasi and Garo hills.

  • On this account the lines D and G' are united for ordinary photographic objectives; the optical as well as the actinic image is chromatically inferior, but both lie in the same place; and consequently the best correction lies in F (this is known as the " actinic correction " or " freedom from chemical focus ").

  • Hence the meridian section of the film may be traced by the focus of such a conic, if the conic is made to roll on the axis.

  • If the second medium be more highly refractive than the first, the secondary caustic is a hyperbola having the same focus and centre as before, and the caustic is the evolute of this curve.

  • It became the bulwark of the The revolt Protestant faith in the Netherlands, the focus of the of the resistance to Spanish tyranny.

  • This inferiority of the Gregorian he explained as being probably due to the mutual interference of the rays as they crossed at the principal focus before reflection at the second mirror.

  • From this time the country was never tranquil, and Ahmednagar became the focus of constant rebellions.

  • We may from each of the circular points draw tangents to a given curve; the intersection of two such tangents (belonging of course to the two circular points respectively) is a focus.

  • His method was to sift out the long dark waves which are associated with the short visible waves constituting the light of the sun or of the electric arc and to concentrate the former to a focus.

  • If the eye was placed at the focus, no sensation of light was observed, although small pieces of charcoal or blackened platinum foil were immediately raised to incandescence, thus giving rise to visible rays.

  • The arc being struck in the usual way between two carbons, a concave mirror, placed close behind it, caused a large part of the radiation to be directed through an aperture in the camera and concentrated to a focus outside.

  • Any small body which was a good absorber of dark rays was rapidly heated to redness when placed at the focus.

  • Since the rays used by Tyndall in these experiments are similar to those emitted by a heated body which is not hot enough to be luminous, it might be thought that the radiation, say from a hot kettle, could be concentrated to a focus and employed to render a small body luminous.

  • For it is easy to see that if, by means of lenses of rock-salt or mirrors, we focused all or nearly all the rays from a small surface on to another surface of equal area, this would not raise the temperature of the second surface above that of the first; and we could not obtain a greater concentration of rays from a large heated surface, since we could not have all parts of the surface simultaneously in focus.

  • The doctrine of Atonement, destined to be the focus of Protestant evangelicalism, has remained undefined in Catholic circles,' an implicate or presupposition, but no part of the explicit and authorized creeds.

  • The Jacobin Club was reopened and became once more the focus of disorder.

  • A body can move round the sun in an elliptic orbit having the sun in its focus, and describing equal areas in equal times, only under the influence of a force directed towards the sun, and varying inversely as the square of the distance from it.

  • If projected with this velocity in any direction the point of projection will be at the end of the minor axis of the orbit, because this is the only point of an ellipse of which the distance from the focus is equal to the semi-major axis of the curve, and therefore the only point at which the distance of the body from the sun is equal to its mean distance.

  • These rays come to a focus at a point F lying in the focal plane of the telescope.

  • One definition, which is of especial value in the geometrical treatment of the conic sections (ellipse, parabola and hyperbola) in piano, is that a conic is the locus of a point whose distances from a fixed point (termed the focus) and a fixed line (the directrix) are in constant ratio.

  • In the case of the circle, the centre is the focus, and the line at infinity the directrix; we therefore see that a circle is a conic of zero eccentricity.

  • If one of the foci be at infinity, the conics are confocal parabolas, which may also be regarded as parabolas having a common focus and axis.

  • His proofs are generally long and clumsy; this is accounted for in some measure by the absence of symbols and technical terms. Apollonius was ignorant of the directrix of a conic, and although he incidentally discovered the focus of an ellipse and hyperbola, he does not mention the focus of a parabola.

  • The focus of the parabola was discovered by Pappus, who also introduced the notion of the directrix.

  • Descartes (Dioptrique, 1637) describes microscopes wherein a concave mirror, with its concavity towards the object, is used, in conjunction with a lens, for illuminating the object, which is mounted on a point fixing it at the focus of the mirror.

  • Antony van Leeuwenhoek appears to be the first to succeed in grinding and polishing lenses of such short focus and perfect figure as to render the simple microscope a better instrument for most purposes than any compound microscope then constructed.

  • For lenses of short focus the diameter of the pupil is too large, and diaphragms must be employed which strongly diminish the aperture of the pencils, and so reduce the errors, but with a falling off of illumination.

  • In this manner lenses of short focus can be produced having lower curvatures than glass lenses necessitate.

  • The spherical aberration of a diamond lens can be brought down to one-ninth of a glass lens of equal focus.

  • Where very short focus simple microscopes are employed, using high magnifications, it is imperative to employ a stand which permits exact focusing and the use of a special illuminating apparatus.

  • A microscope objective being made in essentially the same way as a simple microscope, and the front focus of the compound system being situated before the front focus of the objective, the magnification due to the simple system makes the free object distance greater than that obtained with a simple microscope of equal magnification.

  • In this case the optical tube length equals the distance of the adjacent focal planes of the two systems, which equals the distance of the image-side focus of the objective F 1 ' from the object-side focus of the eyepiece F2.

  • But as the object-side focus F2 lies behind the eyepiece, the real image is not produced, but the converging pencils from the objective are changed by the eyepiece into parallels; and the point 0 1 in the top of the object y appears at the top to the eye, i.e.

  • With powerful systems, object-points lying quite near the plane focused for would be represented by such large dispersion circles that practically only the points lying in one plane appear simultaneously sharp; and it is only by varying the focus that the object-points lying in other planes can be observed.

  • To ensure the telecentric transmission, the diaphragm in the back focus of the objective may be replaced by a diaphragm in the front focal plane of the condenser, supposing that uniformly illuminated objects are being dealt with; for in this case all the principal rays in the object-space are transmitted parallel to the axis.

  • Points of a small object (compared with the focus of the objective) send to the objective wide pencils.

  • With everyone in good health again, the focus shifted back to preparing for the new babies.

  • Howie is our prime focus but I'll direct his activities.

  • Damian forced himself to focus on Dusty, though he wanted nothing more than to wrap his hands around the newbie's neck.

  • Darkyn was listening with the focus of a predator, his sharpened teeth resting on his lower lip.

  • The tears stopped of their own accord after a while, and the calm of her mind brought back her focus.

  • In his blood-filled haze, he heard one of his brothers shout, and the demons shift their focus from Kris.s small group—which Rhyn defended—to the warriors pouring out of portals onto the small battlefield.

  • She sensed Evelyn's sudden melancholy and tried to focus.

  • The idea of caring for her overwhelmed him again. He'd never had a reason to try to control his power or to focus on anything other than surviving. That a simple little mortal could show him just how little his Immortal and demon powers really meant humbled him. If he found his way, it would be because of her. Her distress and sorrow were, buried but he still saw them. She was trying to be brave, asking him for one last moment of comfort before what she thought was the end.

  • Dean found it difficult concentrating on the expense reports with Fred's foot keeping time against the coffee table to an early cut of Hank Williams, but gradually his mind began to focus on the forms.

  • Like Carmen, their concept of friendship was two-way, with more focus on giving than receiving.

  • It was best to focus on the things within her grasp – like Alex.

  • They're going to stop attacking Guardians, too, and they're going to focus on Darian.

  • She'd given up her own, and to invite hope when she needed to focus on stopping the demon for good…her resolve was too brittle to consider any other fate.

  • Unable to focus on anything, Jessi found herself almost too drained to remember the name of the Guardian who approached her.

  • It meshed well with Russia's traditional primary focus on relations with the United States and was reinforced by apparent ideological affinity.

  • A similar ascertainment bias appears to be present in the exclusive focus on HIV.

  • What if its efforts to become more diverse and inclusive alienate existing members without providing a sufficiently coherent focus to attract a new membership?

  • A focus group corroborated the survey results by saying they thought the ad was "very easy to understand."

  • This helps to improve diction, organize what they want to say and focus on the main points of interest.

  • Auril's main focus is to lobby government and industry leaders on university/industry research.

  • Business Inc. uses advanced tools to help the demands of the artist, which enable him/her to focus on the creation.

  • It will influence decisions on whether to begin new groups or focus on capacity building of existing groups.

  • To appreciate the color and structure, focus on its many nuances.

  • No item is too humble nor too prodigious for Philippe Starck to focus his extraordinary talents on.

  • Feel a warmth in your upper abdomen; breathe; focus.

  • Such discrimination, whether we focus on it or not, is morally abhorrent.

  • This approach makes use of most people's ability to determine sharp focus for themselves, minimizing the need for highly trained and scarce personnel.

  • Life has been smart to focus on the issue of abortion for fetal abnormality.

  • It also supplied a focus for those painters who, whatever their merits, had not been thought fit to invite to become academicians.

  • Once the dioptre adjustment has been set, the main central wheel will focus both eyes equally.

  • The interior of the kirk was clearly designed to have little adornment to distract worshippers from their focus on the minister.

  • The word I focus on in the example is away, which has been traditionally called a directional adverb.

  • It was urged that studies should focus on the fine and ultrafine fractions of the ambient aerosol and on effects on sensitive individuals.

  • Pilates will not only benefit muscle tone and strength but will also focus on breathing and postural alignment.

  • In my animal pieces I focus on the physical articulation of creatures, whilst my figures are also allegorical.

  • Determination and a strong focus are therefore all-important attributes.

  • This reflects the eminently political nature of EU budgetary allocations at the expense of a true poverty focus.

  • Anyone wishing to focus on systematic observations of reptiles and/or amphibians would be very welcome.

  • Mixed metal oxides and phases containing mixed anions, such as oxide fluorides, provide our current focus.

  • A major focus of his work is on the formation of the dorsal aorta and the generation of adult blood stem cells during embryogenesis.

  • Most clinical trials focus on the role of homeopathic arnica but more recently the use of topical herbal products has been examined.

  • The focus of this report is the interim qualitative evaluation of the facts aspirin program, promoting the use of aspirin in secondary prevention.

  • The focus group research showed that people did not know that many eye diseases are often asymptomatic.

  • Abraham did not want to focus attention on the ram.

  • Ot uses the term avant-garde to indicate its focus on artists and art movements that have led the filed in breaking with successive traditions.

  • The focus of these meeting revolved around issues related to merging special education content and activities into the post baccalaureate methods courses.

  • The pop singer added that he wanted to see an extensive program with a focus on local unsigned bands " .

  • The second of our unsigned events focus's on the non-stop barrage of rock bands coming out of Britain in 2004.

  • The focus of the coming months is laying the policy basis for the legislation.

  • One thing that always befuddles me is the lack of focus many site pages have... .

  • A focus solely on congestion reduction may bring economic benefits to some road users; it will not necessary improve the safety of all.

  • One main focus of our research is on enzymes involved in tetrapyrrole biosynthesis.

  • While we do not exclude active trail blazers, we initially focus more on paths built up as a passive by-product of everyday activity.

  • Its focus was to draw up a detailed blueprint for devolution.

  • An optical telescope is used with a special detector called a bolometer placed at its focus.

  • These focus the attention on the shoulders and cleavage area, which can be enhanced by wearing a push-up bra.

  • A film crew, making a documentary for Japanese TV on canal restoration in the UK, focus on the trainee bricklayers.

  • Bite-sized brouhaha as was responsible to electric kool-aid acid focus on alcoholics ' .

  • The focus of research is on NHS priorities namely cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

  • The focus is on a large, ornately carved, but empty picture frame.

  • Cassegrain focus when MCAO is either unavailable or inappropriate.

  • The focus is on UK street sport and denim fashions and on-site facilities will include Chill-Out bars interactive information stations and virtual catwalks.

  • In short the inquiry must focus on matters directly causative of the death and must indeed be confined to these matters alone " .

  • Publications R S Zimmer (2001) Using the assessment centrality table to focus the conceptual coverage of assessment questions.

  • Our campaigns focus on endangered species, illegal logging, and ozone-depleting chemicals.

  • Theoretical and clinical studies provide a foundation for practice and focus on health and normal childbearing.

  • He began to lose his focus and a lot of he general chitchat of the staff just washed over his head.

  • The content of Kirchner's work subsequently shifted from a focus upon rustic idylls toward urban cityscapes.

  • Double Vinyl Focus Target, Creates a loud clap with contact.

  • Focus on vocabulary choices, using a thesaurus, and building up detail and description through the choice of subordinate clauses.

  • Our strategy is to focus on drugs prescribed by specialist clinicians, a market we can service effectively with our planned specialist sales force.

  • The focus will be on treating clubfoot but other lower limb conditions and general issues are covered.

  • They want to see a greater focus on community to foster social cohesion.

  • All new starters follow a rigorous induction program and are partnered with experienced colleagues, to focus on training and development.

  • It comes as no surprise then to discover we love comedians like Jack Dee, who focus upon the mundane and miserable.

  • To make sure marginal effect here they focus the insurance company.

  • These focus on the future of HFC's and the respective virtues of reciprocating versus scroll compressors.

  • The study of chromatin condensation is a major focus of our apoptosis studies.

  • Sir Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal People focus on small risks, like wearing goggles when playing conkers, but ignore the big ones.

  • All the services, in a sense, then conspire for HIV to become the primary focus for the person.

  • The social constructionists, being interested in mechanisms of social control, naturally focus upon laws designed to control sexuality.

  • The Strategy provides a focus for practice development and actively encourages and strengthens the nursing contribution within the Trust.

  • In addition, there is no diopter correction to help focus the image for those of us with less than perfect vision.

  • Our continual focus on tackling this crime has resulted in a significant drop in home burglaries - year on year.

  • With close focus wide-angle (CFWA) shots even a small crinoid can be made to dominate the picture.

  • During the 1980s the United States Air Force based cruise missiles there and the site became an international focus for anti-nuclear protest.

  • Provide an interesting focus for class work within the national curriculum.

  • The primary focus will be on the act of measuring, with everything else receiving a rather cursory treatment.

  • A new central retractable dais forms the new focus of the worship area.

  • Living in states first we focus on the respondent's low-income pregnant womennorth Dakota.

  • It doesnât matter if youâve never salsa danced before â the focus on the evening is all about having fun.

  • Analyzing the status of various client groups can influence decisions on whether to begin new groups or focus on capacity building of existing groups.

  • The solution was to focus the study on one specific genre of contemporary cinema, in a precisely defined time period.

  • Colors used are ' Ballerina ' and ' Turkish delight ' from the FOCUS own brand paint range.

  • The focus was to understand the role these species might play in stratospheric ozone depletion.

  • The lack of a dedicated focus desk for quality of life issues was the subject of adverse comment during sector team focus groups.

  • This degree examines tourist behavior and tourism destinations using a social science focus.

  • The primary focus of research interest is investigating all aspects of the disease from epidemiology and novel diagnostics to immunology and new treatments.

  • Insert the short focus Barlow into a star diagonal for 2x or insert the diagonal into the Barlow for 3x.

  • Professor Paul Kerswill Professor Paul Kerswill is a sociolinguist specializing in social dialectology, with a focus on dialect leveling.

  • Does the adoption of sustainability as the focus of policy intensify disagreements about the boundary between public and private development rights and obligations?

  • From now on the focus would be upon these twelve disciples, not upon the twelve ancient tribes.

  • Students may find the use of a computer helps them to focus on the task without becoming too distracted.

  • Their concerns focus around quality and the needless duplication within the industry, which brings little competitive advantage.

  • The signs are more hopeful for vocational education, which looks likely to be a major focus of the White Paper.

  • The shaping of the horizontally focusing mirror is more extreme as its bend is required to have greater ellipticity for a uniform focus.

  • So he mixes a steely determination and focus in a very empathetic and collaborative way, " she says.

  • The geographic point directly above the focus is called the earthquake epicenter.

  • So it was not just eternal politics, but out of focus too.

  • Currently his major focus is on the effects of non-linear strain paths on microstructure evolution.

  • Focus on the socially excluded - either economic or gender exclusion.

  • And now the new Focus ST joins them with its own special brand of driving exhilaration.

  • Itâs typically expansive, capably demonstrating the shifting focus of their latest material.

  • Great for all general applications they feature fully multicoated lenses, good close focus and twist-type large diameter rubber eyecups for viewing comfort.

  • The new store allows greater focus on men's casualwear and womenswear whilst still dedicating 3 floors to men's formalwear.

  • The club exists to provide a focus for people who enjoy following foxhounds on foot or in a car.

  • The research will utilize complexity theory as a lens to focus on governance frameworks.

  • Your wedding was magical, but you focus on the fact that the florist forgot to put the yellow freesias in your bouquet.

  • These groups will focus directly on rural development and in particular encourage new innovative measures to develop locally generated potential.

  • The focus of this paper is geography students ' drawings of what they expect to do on geography fieldtrips.

  • Phil's role is to focus on the junior elite players from the age of 11 until they potentially become first graders.

  • All focus on using grapefruit at each meal as a way to encourage your body to burn fat.

  • The service is reviewed through the use of user questionnaires and focus groups.

  • If George W is so gung-ho on removing Saddam Hussein from power why didn't he focus on it a year ago?

  • My study will firstly focus on the role of experience in developing basic life skills in the Trinidadian guppy.

  • The main focus of the project is the sub-tropical gyre.

  • I tend not to focus too much on jockeys in sprint handicaps, bar the obvious.

  • Efforts to conserve the hare should focus on increasing survival of adults and leverets.

  • Other forms of dependent labor will be examined, with particular focus on Spartan Helots and on debt-bondage.

  • The focus of this book is on treatment, especially herbal, but also acupuncture.

  • Solve rhyming riddles by finding hundreds of cleverly hidden objects, ra Focus Multimedia Britannica Encyclopedia Deluxe Millenium Ed.

  • The area is characterized by a predominantly rural environment with historic market towns forming the focus for the surrounding rural hinterland.

  • A third seminar will focus on the subject of corporate homicide.

  • Others range from focus on healthy eating through to tackling homophobia to name just a few.

  • Twelve of the 14 have already started a hunger strike to focus attention on the injustice which is now taking place.

  • Research My research interests focus, in the broadest sense, on glacier hydrology.

  • A remaining 5mm focus of focal nodular hyperplasia was not detected by either observer on any technique.

  • The fungal hypha is the vertical out of focus band on the right of the image.

  • What you have to focus on is the ' rules ' behind the actual hypnotism (or relaxing mind programming ).

  • The FE-120 does not have an auto focus illuminator.

  • The seemingly inexorable rise in energy prices has been brought into sharp public focus.

  • Their area of focus will be the safety of nuclear installations, including all issues that could relate to or impact on facility safety.

  • Miniaturization of conventional laboratory instrumentation has been the focus of much attention in recent years.

  • In what follows I shall focus on traditional intuitionism.

  • I expect much of our work in the coming months to focus on making the judicial role better suited to a more diverse judiciary.

  • A glimmer of hope is offered when Billy finds a baby kestrel, which soon becomes the focus of his life.

  • A diopter correction knob, located on the side of the EVF, is used to focus the image on the screen.

  • Topics will include a review of multiple linear regression and will then focus on logistic regression and multinomial logistic regression.

  • Even the party's spokesman on asylum appeared lukewarm about the strong focus on the issue.

  • A new focus on interiors DogStar has recently designed and produced a mailer for Focus PR.

  • Education activities focus on Fair Isle's rich environment and cultural heritage, including the marine.

  • The research will focus on the analysis of infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems in continuum mechanics.

  • Our present focus of research is thus to examine the mechanisms and sources of ATP release from the ventral medulla much more closely.

  • Just under half the blocks awarded for license had a coal bed methane or vent gas focus.

  • In order to reach the goal the learning milieu of the pre-school teaching is placed in focus.

  • They focus the mind in explaining how reform could be effected.

  • The use of focus mitts in training for defense is covered in the same chapter.

  • For close up photography there is a macro mode that allows you to focus from 5cms away from the subject.

  • His determined focus was such that his march toward more major triumph had begun to assume unstoppable momentum.

  • For this reason, taxonomic monographs of these genera are a key focus of our research.

  • Therefore the focus of my DPhil research is on protein resistant self assembled monolayers (SAMs ).

  • The focus in the first call in June 1995 was the integration of component services to form value added services and distributed multimedia.

  • Research My research focus is on capsulated bacterial pathogens that colonize the nasopharynx and even with optimal antibiotic therapy cause mortality.

  • We focus on the hippocampal circuitry, but have recently strayed into developing neocortex to see whether similar principles apply there.

  • This is important in terms of it acting as a community focus in an otherwise nondescript residential environment.

  • My yearning for discovery now had a focus; my oceans would be libraries, my terra nova the workings of his mind.

  • The focus of my work at CEH is on the inorganic nutrients in rivers.

  • It does enable us to focus on the readily observable aspects of users ' behavior.

  • Photonics Focus dropped into a session where speakers approached diffractive optics from extreme ends of the power spectrum.

  • All first year ordinands attend the Focus on Prayer weekend in the Lent Term.

  • This question is put into sharp focus when we consider what advice we would give to a prospective ordinand in the current situation.

  • Full time manual focus override is available without having to switch out of AF.

  • Initial analysis will focus on patients with chest pain.

  • It is only painstaking research in recent years that has restored to us this forgotten focus of rural English Catholicism.

  • Did not distinguish analysis we focus second-order interactions par.

  • However, if the unwilling participant is a lawyer, why not subtly move the focus of attention to the client.

  • In fact, these fields have been the focus of conflict between farm managers and local pastoralists ever since their construction in the 1980s.

  • Then we identified areas of specific focus to ensure that an increase in people cost would have a rapid payback.

  • Managed payroll Discover how using our outsourced payroll can help you focus on your core business.

  • Pull out pedicure spa system gives you the flexibility to rest on, or focus the pedicure spa system gives you the flexibility to rest on, or focus the pedicure appliance on trouble areas.

  • The capital has a very dominant focus and bolsters with a central pediment.

  • The unit allows focusing of the specimen and camera image through the parallax focus periscope.

  • In the final year, you focus on analytical science biotechnology medicinal chemistry molecular pharmacology.

  • I would recommend selecting one program that concentrates on teaching segmenting and blending phonemes, with a focus on letter sounds.

  • Other lists focus on common vowel phonemes or a mixture of phonemes.

  • For macro photography the camera can focus within 1cm of the subject.

  • These mirrors were able to focus X-ray photons with energies in the range 0.1 - 10 KeV.

  • Exercises were given which required intense physicality or acute mental focus or both, which acted as catalysts for such discussions.

  • Swimming pool Our superb 12 meter indoor pool is the main focus of the Health Club.

  • Affordable warmth strategies in general can provide a focus for local action to eradicate fuel poverty.

  • At present the focus of her research is reflective practice in medical education.

  • Eventually the campaign intends to focus on countries that provide animals, initially focussing on wild-caught primates.

  • His role, however, is to focus on financial propriety rather than political propriety, which are very different things.

  • Therefore, the focus should not be on local environmental protection.

  • Focus group discussion provides predominantly qualitative data that is suitable to stimulate creative designing activities.

  • The results of the focus group will usually be qualitative in nature and not quantitative.

  • It has a lot to do with my still rampant freebie focus that I've written many features on in the past.

  • The study will focus on the use of stable isotope ratios to identify trophic positioning between species.

  • Future plans reading Connects has provided a real focus to get the whole school reading for pleasure.

  • When engaging with Zulu society, the theme of the nation was in focus, in the shape of a metaphor of national rebirth.

  • Hill never recanted his Marxism, but the writings of his later years widened considerably beyond their original focus on the English Revolution.

  • This Fellowship was subsequently renewed in 2001, where the focus switched to calcineurin regulation of inwardly rectifying potassium channels.

  • Dennis seeks to shift the focus of the object of evidence law to a point beyond the determination of factual rectitude.

  • In order to focus the efforts on casualty reduction, the Government has set targets to be achieved by 2010.

  • Therefore starting a series of articles here in Linux Focus seems redundant.

  • Light rays from a distant object are almost parallel so do not need much refraction to focus onto the retina.

  • If you are using an achromatic refractor, the focus errors will be larger due to chromatic aberration of the telescope.

  • This was to be a photographic refractor, with an object-glass of 13 inches aperture and 11 feet focus.

  • The main focus of the company has been self-generation in order to develop a distinct, unique repertory.

  • With this in mind, I led a team that looked at ways to boost retention, with particular focus on the early period.

  • Each observer will need to focus the reticule to allow for their own eye.

  • The eye piece should be adjusted to bring the reticule into sharp focus.

  • Our research interests focus on understanding the process by which genetic information is translated by the ribosome into protein.

  • Focus Groups have proved popular with members who found the Regional Committee system too rigid.

  • But as all of you who work in the system will know, the dominant focus is on relative returns and relative risks.

  • The main focus of the stand will be Ward's innovative Topdek all-in-one composite single-ply roofing solution.

  • Farm group allstate red commercial auto insurance quote rooster better to focus employees as possible.

  • A workshop run by UKOLN in conjunction with UK Web Focus.

  • A common focus to the work of the Center is provided by a fortnightly General Seminar, which attracts leading international scholars.

  • The Center is a busy focus for visiting seafarers of all nationalities, with some 1400 using the Center each month.

  • The critical focus on issues of early modern selfhood, subjectivity, and identity is uncannily connected to our professional stature and identity.

  • It's focus is to provide simple steps to develop self-worth and heal emotional wounds.

  • Move your finger between the lines and focus on the choking sensation.

  • There is a particular focus on motorway service stations with poster advertising on the forecourt, pump nozzles and pos in store.

  • Titles in the series focus on chronic conditions seen most often in the primary care setting.

  • It has a high speed and precision auto focus, a depth of field preview button and four frames per second continuous shooting.

  • McCarthy also takes a sideswipe at the changing focus of the FSA.

  • Why should I? The rows of bronze plaques embedded in flat granite slabs to mark folks ' graves came into focus.

  • The conference will focus on the relationship between history, cultural memory and transatlantic slavery.

  • It will focus in particular on functionalism, Marxism, symbolic interactionism, figurational sociology and feminism.

  • Here the silence is effective as it encourages the viewer to focus on their grace and technique, and emphasizes the solemnity of death.

  • Students may elect to follow pathways, which focus on particular specialisms or cognate areas.

  • I am not sure whether teachers focus on subject specialisms or take core classes the whole way through.

  • The first half should focus on your choice of course (subject specific ).

  • The focus of wedding planning services from Langtry Manor Hotel is to create your special day in royal splendor.

  • For some, the dress is a necessary splurge while others focus their money into creating a memorable dining and entertainment experience.

  • Focus for Senior Members is coaching to refine and improve upon their swimming skills, improve stamina and personal best times.

  • Our business Internet marketing consultant strategy focus on driving traffic to your website.

  • Obviously he's got his solo stuff to focus on but he hasn't ruled it out.

  • With hypnosis we relax, focus and close down the conscious mind allowing the subconscious to open.

  • But the emergence of modern suburbia changed cities, shifting the focus from the civic to the domestic sphere.

  • The focus of our courses includes economic self sufficiency, citizenship, personal autonomy and relationships.

  • I should point out that my focus is very much on issues surrounding post mortems, not surgical tissue.

  • French surrealism, particularly, offers a useful focus for the interdisciplinary study of science, art, and literature.

  • King described the decisions at the spring meetings in Washington to focus the IMF on multilateral surveillance as a " big step forward.

  • A major focus of the research at Strangeways is the identification of genetic variants that underlie susceptibility to common disease.

  • A number of books have brought into focus the genetic evidence that challenges the neo-Darwinian synthesis.

  • They also must demonstrate a far greater sense of ambition, urgency and focus on Africa in world trade talks.

  • Unfortunately, due to constraints of time and resources the study can only focus on one day time talk show.

  • The focus of this project was security for mobile telecommunications.

  • The RGAs are mounted in the light path of the two X-ray telescopes with EPIC MOS cameras in their primary focus.

  • Using it can improve mental focus and to relieve muscular tension.

  • Before Foot and Mouth, events were often themed round the cattle and sheep, with the sheep being a particular focus for textiles.

  • We focus on tumors of the head and neck, breast, lower gastro-intestinal tract, prostate and basal cell carcinoma of the skin.

  • Despite the Empress' focus on upholding ancient traditions and manners, she was nonetheless a trailblazer in smaller, more innocuous ways.

  • Secondly, by mapping the output of a focussed ultrasound transducer at various distances from the focus.

  • Too many athletes and weight trainers focus on developing the ' mirror muscles ', the upper trapezius, anterior deltoid and pectorals.

  • Saturn conjunct Pluto in the second house trine Jupiter shows a unrelenting focus and power.

  • Finally, a narrative reading of Isaiah 53 was offered, with a focus on the literary trope of personification.

  • Established in 1971, our focus is on creating a Partnership with clients, rooted in mutual trust.

  • In particular, we focus on how to make this service more trustworthy.

  • The second emerging feature of the electoral landscape on which I want to focus is the declining turnout at elections.

  • Wycliffe members often focus on assisting language groups who speak previously unwritten languages.

  • Focus groups, written evaluation, and transaction logs were used to gather data and understand actual usage and user needs.

  • Focus on how they can be used to add value.

  • Each has been retained as a patron deity by the relevant race, although these are not the main focus of religious veneration.

  • Please see the FOCUS page for the map of Vinny's amazing round-the-world voyage and a link to the Parasail Vision Quest website.

  • And their spouses n w a chronic illness here they focus.

  • If XmNinitialFocus is NULL, the first traversable non-tab-group widget that is not contained within a nested tab group receives focus.

  • Manufacturing suburbs of Tokyo and working class are the focus of her recent working class are the focus of her recent work.

  • Our focus will be to maximize the quality and consistency of the fermented wort or wash ahead of distilling.

  • He inserted a slip of metal, of variable breadth, at the focus of the telescope, and observed at what part it exactly covered the object under examination; knowing the focal length of the telescope and the width of the slip at the point observed, he thence deduced the apparent angular breadth of the object.

  • At the focus of his telescope he placed fine silver wires at right angles to each other, which, by their intersection, formed a network of small squares.

  • It is beyond doubt that Huygens independently discovered that an object placed in the common focus of the two lenses of a Kepler telescope appears as distinct and well-defined as the 3 Delambre, Hist.

  • Suppose now the solar spectrogram to be viewed in the focus of Or, and the converging rays to be reflected by the prisms Pr and P, i till an image is formed in the focus of the eyepiece at the point where the axis of the eyepiece intersects From Zeitschr.

  • If the stellar spectrograph is viewed in the focus of 0 2 and the converging rays are reflected by the prism P2 to P4, no image would be seen in the eyepiece, for the rays would pass out directly through the parallel glass plate which is formed by the cementing together of the prisms P 3 and P 4.

  • This has the effect of forming the image of the latter farther from the observer's eye, and so it becomes necessary to turn the handle of the rack-pinion V in such a way as to move the prisms P3 and P4 nearer to P2 till the lines of the stellar spectrograph are again sharply in focus.

  • The effect of turning the pinion V is, of course, to displace the focus both of the solar and stellar spectrographs in the field of the eyepiece, but this d .a displacement is easily restored by From Zeitschr.

  • So he will argue as the essence of the matter that (iv.) he who has occupied Christ's place in history, and won such reverence from the purest souls, was what he claimed to be, and that his many-sidedness comes to focus and harmony when we recognize him as the Christ of God and the Saviour of the world.

  • He was the inventor of the stage-micrometer, and of a form of heliometer; and in 1816 he succeeded in constructing for the microscope achromatic glasses of long focus, consisting of a single lens, the constituent glasses of which were in juxtaposition, but not cemented together.

  • KhalepBeroea, we may infer, remained a native town and a focus of Aramaic influence, a fact which will explain the speedy oblivion of its Macedonian name and the permanent revival of its ancient title, even by Greeks.

  • The phagocytes are attracted from the blood vessels and elsewhere towards the noxious focus by the chemiotaxis exerted upon them by the toxins secreted by the bacteria contained within it.

  • By embolism is meant the more or less sudden stoppage of a vessel by a plug of solid matter carried thither by the current of the blood; be it a little clot from the heart or, what is far more pernicious, an infective fragment from some focus of infection in the body, by which messengers new foci of infection may be scattered about the body.

  • The commonest form of malignant tumour is the result of the growth of cancerous elements which have been brought to the liver by the veins coming up from a primary focus of the large intestine.

  • To construct the parabola when the focus and directrix are given, draw the axis CD and bisect CF at G, which gives the vertex.

  • A fundamental property of the curve is that the line at infinity is a tangent (see Geometry, Projective), and it follows that the centre and the second real focus and directrix are at infinity.

  • The cartesian equation to a parabola which touches the coordinate axes is 1 / ax+'1 / by= i, and the polar equation when the focus is the pole and the axis the initial line is r cos 2 6/2 = a.

  • The extension of the image away from the axis or size of field available for covering a photographic plate with fair definition is a function in the first place of the ratio between focal length and aperture, the longer focus having the greater relative or angular covering power, and in the second a function of the curvatures of the lenses, in the sense that the objective must be free from coma at the foci of oblique pencils or must fulfil the sine condition (see Aberration).

  • For spectroscopic purposes the Cassegrain form has peculiar advantages, because in consequence of the less rapid convergence of the rays after reflection from the convex hyperboloidal mirror, the equivalent focus can be made very great in comparison with the length of the tube.

  • Kepler's greatest contribution to geometry lies in his formulation of the "principle of continuity" which enabled him to show that a parabola has a "caecus (or blind) focus" at infinity, and that all lines through this focus are parallel (see Geometrical Continuity).

  • Snow quartz helps us to have a focus of purity in ourselves.

  • Changing unacceptable behaviors Changing unacceptable behaviors starts with a focus on the rainmaker 's positive capabilities.

  • Recently the area has become the focus of Perthshire 's soft fruit growing, specially raspberries.

  • Future plans Reading Connects has provided a real focus to get the whole school reading for pleasure.

  • The focus of City 's program is real-world problems, not just economic theory.

  • These materials focus around the story of the nativity and use black and white rebus symbols.

  • The analyst 's primary focus will be to support the Accounts Receivable department.

  • Focus groups reckoned most of what they needed was there but they did n't always know about it.

  • Concluding remarks The nature of Chinese Studies, like any other area studies, is its interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary focus.

  • In giving advice, focus on the main problem which will be the only one you can remember anything about.

  • A fourth focus is upon the identity of 'medical education ' itself, and this resonates with theme 1 above.

  • It comes after Fidelity restructured the portfolio with an income focus.

  • Return on investment is now the key focus for most users.

  • Regulation The regulation of the selling of the home reversion product has been the focus of much debate over the past year.

  • With the movement in Ecuador checked for the moment the focus for the continental revolt against neo-liberalism switched to Bolivia.

  • Currently available treatments focus on symptom relief; however, a significant number of allergic rhinitis patients with uncontrolled symptoms remain.

  • Our primary focus this year is to protect consumers from rip-off card companies.

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His life lacks a focus. Verb She has an amazing ability to focus for hours at a time.

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focus noun (OF ATTENTION)

the main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest: I think Dave likes to be the focus of attention.

What's an example of focus? ›

◊ If you focus your eyes on something or if your eyes focus on something, you look at that thing so that you can see it clearly. Everyone focused their eyes on her [=everyone looked at her] when she entered the room. His eyes were focused on the road.

What is a good sentence for focused? ›

She was focused entirely on something higher. She is focused on the next chapter of her life.

Can we use focus in? ›

“Focus” as a noun is more flexible and can take both “in” or “on.” This usage depends on referring to something internal or referring back to the word itself. Example sentences with the preposition “in”: Look at the way we use the word “focus” in this sentence.

Why do we use focus? ›

You can use Focus to temporarily silence all notifications, or allow only specific notifications—ones that apply to your task, for example—and let other people and apps know you're busy.

What is focus Short answer? ›

A focus also called an image point, is the point where light rays originating from a point on the object converge.

What is the focus of a sentence called? ›

Sentence focus means that the grammatical subject of your sentence is the same as the semantic subject. In other words, the meaning (semantics) subject matches the grammar. Sentences that aren't focused can be confusing because it's not clear who is doing what, and they tend to be overly wordy.

What type of word is focus? ›

noun, plural fo·cus·es or (especially British) fo·cus·ses, fo·ci [foh-sahy, -kahy]. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity: The need to prevent a nuclear war became the focus of all diplomatic efforts.

What are the 3 types of focus? ›

Daniel Goleman, author of "The Focused Leader," explains why leaders need to cultivate a triad of awareness — an inward focus, a focus on others, and an outward focus.

What is focus for students? ›

Focus involves knowing what to pay attention to in different situations, learning how to get started on tasks, and understanding how to sustain attention and effort to the task at hand. In essence, Focus helps us to get started on something and sustain our attention and effort through its completion.

What focus means to you? ›

“When a person is focused on something, they're paying attention to it. When a camera lens or your eyes are focused, they've made the adjustments needed to see clearly. When a beam of light is focused on a thing, it's shining on that thing.”

What is a focus word in writing? ›

A focus word is a word that receives the most stress in a thought group. Every thought group has at least one focus word, and the focus word tends to be the last important word in a thought group. It is generally a content word.

What is a focus in life? ›

Your focus will determine the level of achievements you get in life. When you bring your focus to achieve something in life, you will reach your goals. Otherwise you will end up wasting your time and energy on useless things. Life is like a camera, focus on what is important and capture it.

What is focus in writing? ›

A Definition of Focus

The focus of the text is also referred to as its thesis, theme, controlling idea, main point. In effect, writers tell readers what territory they plan to cover. That's the focus.

How do you focus? ›

There's no one answer for how to improve focus, but the following tips can help.
  1. Eliminate distractions. ...
  2. Reduce multitasking. ...
  3. Practice mindfulness and meditation. ...
  4. Get more sleep. ...
  5. Choose to focus on the moment. ...
  6. Take a short break. ...
  7. Connect with nature. ...
  8. Train your brain.
3 Feb 2021

What is focus in past tense? ›

), plural, 3rd person singular present tense focuses , present participle focusing , past tense, past participle focused language note: The spellings focusses, focussing, focussed are also used.

How can I bring on focus? ›

If you need help staying focused, try one — or all 10 — of these tips.
  1. Get rid of distractions. First things first: You need to eliminate distractions. ...
  2. Coffee in small doses. ...
  3. Practice the Pomodoro technique. ...
  4. Put a lock on social media. ...
  5. Fuel your body. ...
  6. Get enough sleep. ...
  7. Set a SMART goal. ...
  8. Be more mindful.
16 Oct 2019

What is focus value? ›

FOCUS Values are the fundamental beliefs and operating principals that assure the strategic direction of the organization. They are the basic elements of how work is accomplished, dictating all internal behaviors, as well as FOCUS' relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Is focus a good thing? ›

Focusing is an important cognitive ability that helps us complete tasks. It is vital to activities such as listening, learning, reading, studying, and working. If you're having difficulty focusing, there are steps you can take to improve your focus and be more productive.

What are focus Skills? ›

Focus Skills are—simply put—the building blocks of student learning. Based on extensive research into how learning progresses in reading and mathematics, Focus Skills provide a roadmap for closing learning gaps as you move every student toward greater mastery.

How do focus work? ›

What is focus? Focus is a person's ability to concentrate on a single point or task. A person who understands how to focus well at work can channel their attention and energy into completing their work. Without this focus, many people become overwhelmed and start multitasking, procrastinating, or both.

What focus study means? ›

A focus field is an interdisciplinary area of study chosen in the junior year and refined in the senior year; it should be associated with the student's senior thesis topic.

What is a focus Class 7? ›

1. Focus is the location from where the earthquake originates. Epicentre is the point above the focus on the surface of the Earth.

What is focus English grammar? ›

In linguistics, focus (abbreviated FOC) is a grammatical category that conveys which part of the sentence contributes new, non-derivable, or contrastive information.

What is a focused person? ›

If you describe someone or something as focused, you approve of the fact that they have a clear and definite purpose.

What's a word for main focus? ›

What is another word for main focus?
positive spacefocal point
centre of attentionUKcenter of attentionUS
central pointfocus

Has focused meaning? ›

giving a lot of attention to one particular thing: the need for more focused research. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Paying attention and being careful.

What is the power of focus? ›

1-Sentence-Summary: The Power of Focus offers its readers a focus-based approach that they can use to achieve their financial and personal goals through practical exercises and habits that they can implement into their daily lives to actively shape their future.

Is 3 people enough for a focus group? ›

Is there a magic number when it comes to focus group size? Experienced moderators will tell you that between six or seven is the optimal number for focus group sizes. Having more than seven people in a focus groups doesn't allow for enough 'talk time' from each participant.

What is focus mode thinking? ›


It's the type of thinking you access to understand and solve familiar problems as well as to study a concept. The strength of Focused Thinking lies in its ability to analyse and solve problems in a sequential manner.

How can I focus in school? ›

9 Ways to Stay Focused in Class
  1. Make sure you're hydrated and rested. Not an ideal location, but you get the idea. ...
  2. Eliminate distractions. × ...
  3. Do work at the right level of difficulty. ...
  4. Think of questions. ...
  5. Get involved in discussion. ...
  6. Take detailed notes. ...
  7. Find a source of motivation. ...
  8. Check for medical difficulties.

What is focus activity? ›

Focusing activities may include collaborative activities to connect students, generate discussion, and compare ideas; individual activities where students work on their own by reading, reflecting, or writing; or a brief quiz or some other type of assessment.

What are focus tasks? ›

A “Focus Task” would normally be something from your Productivity system, such as the next step of an important Project, an activity that needs to be completed from your “To Do” list, or material you need to develop for an upcoming meeting. The “Accomplished State” is what constitutes that task being “completed”.

What is focus success? ›

It's one thing to want to achieve a goal, but you have to do the right things if you want to achieve that goal with effectiveness and efficiency. Focusing on doing the right things and being ruthless in doing those things right is what will make sure you're ahead of the competition.

How can I focus good in life? ›

How to think positive thoughts
  1. Focus on the good things. Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life. ...
  2. Practice gratitude. ...
  3. Keep a gratitude journal.
  4. Open yourself up to humor. ...
  5. Spend time with positive people. ...
  6. Practice positive self-talk. ...
  7. Identify your areas of negativity. ...
  8. Start every day on a positive note.
21 Feb 2019

Is focus key to success? ›

Focus is the key to success.

There will be times in life, when you will have distractions and obstacles but you must overcome them while maintaining your focus on your goal.

How can I focus better on my life? ›

Create a self-care plan
  1. Make time for physical activity.
  2. Add mood-boosting foods to your diet.
  3. Give meditation a try.
  4. Write or draw in a mood journal.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Aim to spend 2 hours in nature each week.
10 Sept 2021

How long is a focus statement? ›

A focus statement tells the thesis of your story within a sentence or two.

› focus ›

Define focus. Focus as a verb means To render (an object or image) in clear outline or sharp detail by adjustment of one's vision or an optical device; brin...
Focus definition, a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity: The need to prevent a nuclear war became the focus of all diplomatic efforts. See m...
Focus is something that camera lenses and sleepy students are always being asked to do. For cameras, it means finding a point where the subject is clear or &quo...

How do you say focus on something? ›

“I think we should now focus on other, more pressing issues.”
What is another word for focus on?
concentrate ondeliberate on
focalise onfocalize on
14 more rows

How do you write a focus statement? ›

This statement can become the topic sentence in a paragraph or the thesis statement in a formal essay.
  1. Topic (who or what you are writing about)
  2. + Focus (the part or feeling you want to highlight)
  3. = Focus Statement.

Do you say focus on or focus? ›

You use the preposition "on", not "in", after the verb "focus" when you give a lot of or particular attention to somebody or something, So the correct sentence is: I need to focus on quality issues. Yes, focus on,but people also say: to focus in on something.

Is it focus on or focus at? ›

Focus on the solution is the correct answer. “On” is the preposition to follow the verb “focus”.

What is a one word focus? ›

A focus word is a single word that you choose, then use throughout the year to inspire thought, reflection, action, and celebration. A focus word replaces a New Year's resolution. And when done correctly addresses all the negatives of New Year's resolutions and gives all of the benefits of New Year's resolutions.

What is a focus word? ›

A focus word is a word that receives the most stress in a thought group. Every thought group has at least one focus word, and the focus word tends to be the last important word in a thought group. It is generally a content word.

When you focus on the good meaning? ›

In this article, we'll be discussing 11 positive ways to focus on the good. What it Means To Focus on the Good in Life. When you say that you're capable of focusing on the good, this means that no matter how difficult your situation is, you find the silver lining in things.

What are the 3 types of focus? ›

Daniel Goleman, author of "The Focused Leader," explains why leaders need to cultivate a triad of awareness — an inward focus, a focus on others, and an outward focus.

What's a focus statement? ›

A focus statement describes somebody doing something for a reason. A good focus statement includes who, what, and why. Some producers might have their focus in their head but writing it down keeps you on track. As part of your search for focus, come up with one possible story to pursue.

What is focus on your topic? ›

What is it? Focusing a research topic is narrowing (or sometimes broadening) a topic so that you can demonstrate a good understanding of it, including enough examples and important details, within the size limits of the project you are required to produce.

How do you say main focus in other words? ›

What is another word for main focus?
positive spacefocal point
centre of attentionUKcenter of attentionUS
central pointfocus

What is focus in past tense? ›

), plural, 3rd person singular present tense focuses , present participle focusing , past tense, past participle focused language note: The spellings focusses, focussing, focussed are also used.

What type of word is focus? ›

noun, plural fo·cus·es or (especially British) fo·cus·ses, fo·ci [foh-sahy, -kahy]. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity: The need to prevent a nuclear war became the focus of all diplomatic efforts.

How do you focus your mind? ›

There's no one answer for how to improve focus, but the following tips can help.
  1. Eliminate distractions. ...
  2. Reduce multitasking. ...
  3. Practice mindfulness and meditation. ...
  4. Get more sleep. ...
  5. Choose to focus on the moment. ...
  6. Take a short break. ...
  7. Connect with nature. ...
  8. Train your brain.
3 Feb 2021

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