Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Paris Opera Guide | Shows, Tips, & More (2023)

Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Paris Opera Guide | Shows, Tips, & More (1)

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Palais Garnier

The Palais Garnier is one of the homes of the Paris Opera and regularly hosts some of the most stunning operatic and theatrical performances in the world. Outside of its importance in the France opera community, the Palais Garnier is a shining showcase of the artistry on display in Paris. With its masterfully preserved exterior facade and insanely detailed architecture, the Palais Garnier stands tall in a city which is already home to some of the most iconic buildings in the world.

The development of the opera house began back in 1860, as a part of civic planner Baron Haussmann's plan to transform Paris. Almost 15 years and a lot of setbacks later, the Palais Garnier was officially inaugurated on 5th January 1875. At the time of its opening, the Palais Garnier was the biggest opera house in the world and although others have taken the top spot in terms of capacity, there's no other which beats it in terms of sheer grandeur and cultural significance. Planning to catch a show at the Palais Garnier? Our Palais Garnier seating chart guide has all the information you need to make your experience spectacular.

Total Capacity: The Palais Garnier houses 1979 seats in total.

Best Seats in the Theatre: Centre seats of orchestra section or any seat in the balcony section.

The Palais Garnier is structured like a typical opera house with an orchestra and balcony surrounded by loges. In terms of the best seats in the house, we would recommend opting for the centre seats in the front rows of orchestra section or any seat in the balcony section. Being close to the stage is especially great if you're watching a ballet and can really elevate your entire experience.

Best Value for Money Seats: Last row corner seats in the orchestra section.

It you're not too keen on spending too much for your opera experience, there are value for money seats in the Palais Garnier to choose from. In the orchestra section, book corner seats in the last few rows. The front row seats of 1st loges de côté and the middle rows of the 1st loges de face are also quite value for money. You can also find reasonably priced seats in the middle rows of the amphitheatre.

Navigating The Palais Garnier Seating Chart

The Palais Garnier is an old-school opera house and houses 1,979 seats in total which are spread across multiple sections namely orchestra, balcony, boxes and amphitheatre. Here's a look at each of these sections.

Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Paris Opera Guide | Shows, Tips, & More (2)

Palais Garnier Orchestra

Home to the best seats in the house, the Palais Garnier orchestra section is the closest from the stage and offers unrivaled views. Most of the premium seats in the opera house are located in the center of the orchestra section.

Palais Garnier Balcony

Just behind the orchestra section is the first elevated level of the opera house; balcony. The balcony section also houses some of the best seats in the house. In fact, except for the extreme corner seats and the seats next to support pillars, the entire section is marked for premium seats.

Palais Garnier Boxes

Most of the seats in the Palais Garnier are located in the boxes. There are two types of box seats available at this opera house; loges de face which face the stage and loges de cote which are on either side of the orchestra and balcony section. There are five levels of loges de cote and four levels of loges de cote. The fourth level facing the stage is labeled amphitheatre. Views offered from box seats vary wildly but the good news is that tickets are available for an equally varying price point.

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Shows Playing at Palais Garnier - Tickets

Lovers of Opera

Fans of Shakespeare

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

King Lear is a Shakespearean tragedy of a man dealing with senility and mortality. A challenging play to adapt for the stage, this cathartic new production by Calixto Bieito will be unraveled at the Paris Opera this December.
The play explores the complexity of familial relationships when King Lear, who is growing old and senile, bequeaths his kingdom to two of his three daughters after they flatter him to glory. His third daughter Cordelia, who refuses to appease him, receives nothing. However, his other two daughters start treating him disrespectfully after receiving all his wealth and power, forcing Lear to forge a better relationship with Cordelia. Tragedy soon strikes the two, exposing their vulnerabilities and stripping them bare.


Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Paris Opera Guide | Shows, Tips, & More (4)

Don Giovanni

from €169

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Fans of Dark Tales

Fans of Mozart

Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes

This new adaptation of Mozart’s greatest opera, Don Giovanni, by Ivo van Howe brings a new Shakesperian twist to the classic tale of the seducer extraordinaire that has haunted Europe since its debut in 1788.
he play explores the life of Don Giovanni, an arrogant womanizer who preys on women across Europe and kills anyone who gets in his way, while feeling no remorse for his actions. When given a chance to pay for his sins, Don refuses and is therefore condemned to hell for all eternity. Dark and gripping, this opera reveals hidden sides and perspectives you may never have seen before.


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Which Seats Offer the Best View

Given its size, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to premium seats in the Palais Garnier. In the orchestra section, the front center seats offer the best view. In the balcony, everything except the extreme corner and support pillar seats offer the best view of the stage. In the first and second loges de face, the front rows are also considered premium.

Which Seats Offer the Best Value for Money

If you're looking for value for money seats in the Palais Garnier, you'll find options in most of the seating sections of the opera house. In the orchestra section, the corner rear row seats offer a pretty decent view of the stage and don't cost a lot. Similarly, in the box level 1 and 2, the front and middle rows are quite value for money. In the amphitheatre section, the middle row offers good views of the theatre and won't cost a lot.

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Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Practical Information

Accessibility: The Palais Garnier is wheelchair accessible through the box office located on the corner of rue Scribe and rue Amber. Some boxes in the opera house have been modified to accommodate patrons in wheelchairs. In the Palais Garnier, the front facing first level boxes are reserved for wheelchair users.

Cloakroom: Free of charge restrooms are available on various floors of the Palais Garnier. Please note that travel bags and suitcases are not allowed inside the venue.

Restaurants : The Opera Restaurant located at the Palais Garnier is open during the day and in the evening. There are set menus and a-la-carte meals available during lunchtime, rapid service during intervals and a haute cuisine prepared by celebrity chef Christophe Aribert after the performance.

Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Handy Tips

  • Apart from operas and ballets, you can also indulge in a tour of the Palais Garnier. English tours are on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. In the months of July and August, English tours happen daily at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.
  • Plan your day in a way which allows you to take a Palais Garnier tour and watch an opera as well. The tour is informative and will help you better appreciate the majesty and grandeur of the opera house.
  • There's only one ticket counter for both tours and theatre. If you're planning on buying your tickets at the venue, be prepared for a long waiting time since the box office is pretty crowded. You can avoid the hassles of waiting in queue by booking your tickets online.
  • The Palais Garnier roof has a massive honey beehive which is harvested annually. Get a tiny bottle from the gift shop on your way out for a perfectly quirky souvenir.
  • If you arrive late for a performance, you'll have to wait for the first scene or act to end before taking your place. Plan your day properly to avoid getting late.
  • While there's no strict dress code, you are required to dress suitably. For a gala event, men can wear a dark suit while ladies can opt for a dress.
  • People under 28 and over 65, and the unemployed can enjoy an opera performance at discounted rates. Please check the Palais Garnier box office at least 30 minutes before curtain up.

Restaurants Near The Palais Garnier

1. Moghol: Enjoy traditional Indian and Pakistani food in Paris at this warmly decorated informal restaurant.

2. Hippopotamus: This chain restaurant doubles as a French steakhouse and serves quality meats and homemade sauces.

3. Five Guys: A popular fast-food chain serving made to order burgers, hot dogs, fries plus free peanuts while you wait for your order!

4. Fauchon: Established in 1886, this flagship store serves luxury French sweets, savories and wines.

5. Buddha Bar Paris: With three levels around a massive Buddha statue, Buddha Bar serves Pan-Asian, European, and Californian cuisine in a warm environment.

Getting There

The Palais Garnier is located at Place de l'Opera 75009 and is easily accessible via a variety of public transport options. Here are your most popular options:

Metro: In lines 3, 7, and 8 the Opera station stops at the Palais Garnier. You can also board trains in lines 7 and 9 (Chaussee d'Antin station) and lines 8 and 14 (Madeleine station) and the RER A line (Auber station) to get to the opera house.

Bus: Buses in routes 20, 21, 22, 27, 29, 42, 52, 66, 68, 81, and 95 stop at the Palais Garnier.

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Car Park: If you're bringing your own vehicle, there's a car park located in Rue Bruno Coquatrix; Q-Park Edouard VII.

View All Paris Opera Shows

Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Paris Opera Guide | Shows, Tips, & More (5)

Don Giovanni



Palais Garnier Seating Chart | Paris Opera Guide | Shows, Tips, & More (6)

La Boheme



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What are the best seats in Opera Garnier? ›

Best Seats in the Theatre: Opt for the middle seats in rows D to H of the stalls section if you're looking for a great view of the stage. The middle seats of the first two rows of the circle section are also considered premium since they are not obstructed and offer a clean view of the stage.

Where is the best place to sit in Palais Garnier? ›

In terms of the best seats in the house, we would recommend opting for the centre seats in the front rows of orchestra section or any seat in the balcony section. Being close to the stage is especially great if you're watching a ballet and can really elevate your entire experience.

What are the best seats in opera house? ›

Generally, the best seats in the house are going to be in the center orchestra and right in the center of the house. The right and left orchestra areas tend to have good seats for seeing the action taking place on the sides of the stage, provided the seats are reasonably close.

Is Palais Garnier worth it? ›

The Opéra Garnier is an important monument of French and Parisian culture. You will be amazed by its decoration worthy of a king's castle. No matter if you love History, art or even literature, you will be delighted by this visit.

Is it better to sit in the stalls or the circle at the opera house? ›

Best Seats in the Theatre: Opt for the middle seats in rows D to H of the stalls section if you're looking for a great view of the stage. The middle seats of the first two rows of the circle section are also considered premium since they are not obstructed and offer a clean view of the stage.

Is it better to sit in orchestra or mezzanine? ›

Orchestra seats get you closest to the stage, but being in the mezzanine or balcony can give you a wider, fuller view of the stage from a little higher up, especially as compared to a section like the side orchestra, where you might be closer, but might not have a full view of one far side of the stage.

Where is it best to sit at a concert? ›

Front and Center Is Better for Sight Than Sound

Snagging a seat just feet from the stage will give you a great view, but the sound won't be ideal. Typically, speakers are located on the side of the stage and are pointed toward the center of the venue. If you're up front, the best sound will be directed behind you.

Where is it best to sit in the Theatre? ›

Typically, stalls seats can be regarded as some of the best seats in the auditorium, due to their close proximity to the stage. If you're sitting in the first few rows of the stalls seats, you may even be able to touch the stage and see performers blink.

What do you wear to the French opera? ›

For women, a dress, blouse/skirt, or blouse/nice pants is fine. For men, a dress shirt, nice pants, and nice shoes are fine. Many people were in business casual style clothing during all three of my visits. The two French men sitting in front of me during my last visit were both just wearing sweaters and khaki pants.

Is there a dress code for the opera house? ›

There's no real dress code for this event, you'll fit right in wearing smart casual. But, if you'd like to frock up, go for it! It's a special occasion, dressing up makes everything 100% more enjoyable. You'll be on your feet for a guided tour, there are over 300 stairs, so flat comfortable shoes are recommended.

Where is the best place to take a picture of the opera house? ›

Viewpoint one is the most famous spot - head to Hickson Road Reserve to get that classic photo looking straight on to the Opera House. You can also get some lovely photos on the grass, surrounded by palm trees, which is a nice spot to relax and take in the view.

Can I wear jeans to the Royal opera house? ›

There is no formal dress code. We want everyone to feel comfortable and able to engage with what is happening on stage, and so we encourage audiences and visitors to wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing. We only ask that you are fully clothed and that your feet are covered.

What is the most prestigious opera house in the world? ›

La Scala, Milan, Italy

Milan's Teatro alla Scala is perhaps the most famous opera house in the world, the one most associated with “opera.” Built in 1778 with four tiers with separate loges, it is the home of Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi.

Does Palais Garnier have a dress code? ›

There is no particular dress code, but proper attire is required. For gala evenings, it is suggested that gentlemen wear a dark suit and ladies a dress.

How long should you spend in Palais Garnier? ›

Allow yourself about two hours give or take to fully enjoy visiting the Palais Garnier.

What should you not wear to the opera? ›

Though there aren't any strict dress codes, it's best to wear something on the formal side. Things to definitely keep out of the opera house? Sweatpants, casual sneakers, or distressed jeans. Keep on reading for our favorite opera looks…

Do you clap at an opera? ›

Yes, you do. Because you won't want to miss one note and neither will anyone else. But that doesn't mean you can't clap, yell “Bravo!” give our performers a Standing “O” and show your appreciation of our wonderful singers and musicians at the right times during the show. When is the right time to clap?

Can you leave in the middle of an opera? ›

There is no law against walking out the door during intermission, but it can be a dilemma. You're at a concert or a play and for whatever reason decide you don't really want to go back for the second half of the performance. If enough people think the same thing, it can mean a lot of empty seats after the break.

Why are front row seats cheaper? ›

Most people want to sit in the middle, fewer people want to sit on the sides, way up front, or way to the back. So, seats in the middle are more expensive and seats to the sides, front, and back are less expensive.

What should you not do in an orchestra? ›

10 REALLY annoying things you should never do in an orchestra rehearsal
  • Show up half an hour late… ...
  • Show up in sweaty gym clothes, forgetting it's a two-hour rehearsal in a space that shouldn't even be classified as a room.
  • Leave your instrument in a cold place so it doesn't warm up in time.
Aug 25, 2017

What are cheap theatre seats called? ›

The gods (UK English), or sometimes paradise, is a theatrical term, referring to the highest areas of a theatre such as the upper balconies. These are generally the cheapest seats.

Is it better to sit or stand at a concert? ›

Sitting during a rock concert has its advantages. You'll have a better view of the stage and you'll be able to see the band more clearly. You'll also be able to take pictures and videos more easily from a seated position.

How do you ask for better seats at a concert? ›

You have to be slick, kind, say excuse me a bunch of times, and totally look like you know where you're going. If we're talking seats, I always head for the best empty seats I spot and wait until the actual ticket holder shows n says that I'm in their seat. Then I just find another good empty seat. Always be cool.

What is proper etiquette for attending a concert? ›

Enter the auditorium quietly. Once you have been seated, be alert to activity on the stage as the musicians take their place for the concert. When the conductor enters, it is customary to applaud politely. Whistling, yelling, or screaming is not appropriate at any time before, during, or after a concert.

Is sitting in the front row of the theatre good? ›

The front rows of the dress circle are among the best seats in a theatre – especially for dance productions and musicals with a strong dance element.

What are the 3 main sections of seating in the theater? ›

There are typically three sections to a Broadway theatre seating chart – Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony.

Can you wear jeans to the opera? ›

Weekday and matinee performances are generally where you'll see more casually dressed opera-goers in business casual or jeans and a nice blouse or button-up.

Can you leave an opera early? ›

Unlike at movies or sports events, you can't enter or exit an opera auditorium once the performance has begun. If you miss the curtain because of traffic, you can take in a live feed of the performance on television monitors in the lobby. Latecomers then take their seats at a suitable interval—usually intermission.

Do you wear black tie to the opera? ›

Men wear black tie (tuxedo, preferably in a traditional style) or white tie and tails to an Opening Night. On other opera nights, black tie or a dark suit is appropriate. Women can choose long or short elegant gowns, but long is considered more formal. Ensembles are often accessorized with gloves.

Can you wear white to the opera? ›

Women should wear a dress or skirt with a blouse. White is the best color to wear. Evening gowns are not usually worn at Opening Nights, though they may be for special occasions. For opera, you must wear comfortable shoes.

Can you wear blue jeans to the theater? ›

Both formal and informal clothing is accepted. From casual t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops to a cocktail dress or tuxedo, the spectrum of audience style is so broad that there is no specific dress code.

Can you wear jeans in a theatre? ›

The simple answer here is anything. From a casual t-shirt, jeans and trainers to a tuxedo or formal dress, there are no dress codes. You could turn up to the theatre wearing anything and be permitted entry.

Where is the best opera in the United States? ›

  1. Santa Fe Opera House. 1,079. Operas. ...
  2. The Phantom of the Opera. 6,086. Operas • Theatre & Performances. ...
  3. Lyric Opera of Chicago. 465. Operas. ...
  4. The Metropolitan Opera. 3,092. Operas • Theatre & Performances. ...
  5. Glimmerglass Opera. 257. Operas • Theaters. ...
  6. Grand Opera House. 231. ...
  7. Sarasota Opera. 244. ...
  8. San Francisco Opera. 314.

Do you have to wear a mask at the opera house? ›

Bring and wear a mask.

Face masks are strongly recommended for all patrons while inside our theatres and foyers, including during the performance. Please bring your own mask.

Can I take photos in opera house? ›

Yes. SOH encourages visitors to the precinct to photograph or film their experience for personal use.

Can you wear a sweater to the opera? ›

There's no set dress code for Broadway shows, although many people like to dress up for the occasion. Since the theaters are often air conditioned in the summer, it's a good idea to bring a sweater or shawl even if it's warm out. Thanks! We're glad this was helpful.

Can you wear a gown to an opera? ›

Italians dress to the nines when they go to see an opera performance. Men traditionally wear a tuxedo, while women wear ball gowns, cocktail dresses or elegant pants suits. It's not all black tie - there are plenty of options.

What do you wear to the opera in Italy? ›

Understated, but supremely elegant, is the dress code there. Men should wear a dark suit and ladies don their finest. The more modest the seats, the less formal your attire needs to be, but this is not the place for shorts, t-shirts and tank tops.

What is the most beautiful opera house in the US? ›

The Metropolitan Opera House

The modernist Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, part of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts complex, was designed by American architect Wallace Harrison – the same man behind other famous Manhattan structures including the Time-Life Building – and opened in 1966.

What opera has the most beautiful music? ›

20 Most Beautiful Opera Arias
  • Gianni Schicchi: "O mio babbino caro"Giacomo Puccini, Leone Magiera, Orchestra Dell'Ente Arena Di Verona.
  • La Boheme: "Che gelida manina"Giacomo Puccini, Hanspeter Gmür, Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra.
  • Rigoletto: "La Donna e mobile"Giuseppe Verdi, Hanspeter Gmür, Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra.

What is the most beautiful opera in the world? ›

The 10 Best Operas of All Time
  • Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin, 1935. ...
  • The Barber of Seville (Il barbiere di Siviglia) by Gioachino Rossini, 1816. ...
  • La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini, 1896. ...
  • La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, 1853. ...
  • Die Walküre by Richard Wagner, 1870. ...
  • Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, 1900.

Can you wear jeans to the Metropolitan opera? ›

What to Wear. There is no dress code at the Met, but a night at the opera can be a great excuse to get dressed up. If you need inspiration, check out some of our favorite looks from Last Night at the Met, our curated fashion Instagram account.

Is the Palais Garnier air conditioned? ›

This hotel is located in the heart of Paris and just a few minutes walk away from the Opera Garnier. There are around 139 fully air-conditioned rooms here equipped with all essential amenities.

How long is the guided tour of Opera Garnier? ›

The guided tour takes about 90 minutes and gives you access to all parts of Opera Garnier - the auditorium, gilded balconies, even up close the stage ( the self audio guided tour lacks access to the auditorium ).

What is the best time of day to visit Palais Garnier? ›

Visiting in the morning is the best time to see the Palais Garnier. There are fewer crowds and a beautiful morning light pours in through the massive windows. The best way to see the Opera House is to join a guided tour. We opted for a private two-hour tour to really get to know the ins and outs of the building.

Can you walk in Palais Garnier? ›

Is the Palais Garnier open to the public? Yes, it is. You can tour it for a fee or stop into the lobby where you would buy tickets, just to take a peek inside. The opera house is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What is special about box 5 at the Opera Garnier? ›

Yes, this is the box that Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera asked for and it's been dedicated in his honour. For any lovers of the novel or the musical, this is a neat spot to visit.

Where should I sit to see Phantom of the opera? ›

No matter where you sit, even at the very ends of rows, no action is restricted, and you get amazing views of the best moments of Phantom. It is worth sitting as centrally as possible for the best experience. Most of the Royal Circle falls under this price, aside from seats at the very ends of rows.

What seats are best at the theatre? ›

Alluded to in their name, premium seats are usually regarded as the best seats in the theatre. Often, they're not the closest seats to the stage. Typically, premium seats are a few rows back from the stage in the middle of the row, allowing audience members to see the entire stage without missing any action.

Which row is best in theatre? ›

The best row will be the center row and the four rows behind it (this places you about one-half to two-thirds back).

Does Opera Garnier have air conditioning? ›

It features an interior courtyard and a 24-hour reception. All air-conditioned guest rooms are equipped with a mini-bar, tea and coffee making facilities and a flat-screen TV. Each modern guest room is soundproofed and has free Wi-Fi access. Private bathrooms include a hairdryer.

How much does it cost to visit Opera Garnier? ›

The Palais Garnier is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. but may close earlier on days of matinee performances. Unguided admission costs 14 euros (around $14) for adults and 10 euros (about $10) for students and those younger than 25. Children younger than 12 enter free.

What are the best value seats for Phantom of the Opera? ›

If you're a Broadway fan on a budget, seats in the rear orchestra or rear mezzanine will be your best ticket options. A rear mezzanine or orchestra seat might not give you the best view since you're far from the stage, but ticket prices for seats like these can be as low as $50 to $80.

Is there a dress code for Phantom of the Opera? ›

What is the dress code for The Phantom of the Opera musical on Broadway? There is no dress code for The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. We do recommend smart casual attire.

How do you pick a theater seat? ›

For a standard movie theater with exit rows on the sides (as opposed to down the middle, as some older theaters have), the best spot is as close to dead center as you can get. “I've always felt the obvious best spot to sit in a movie theater is in the center of the room, center with the screen.


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