New With Musely Spot Cream? Start Your Journey The Right Way! (2023)

New With Musely Spot Cream? Start Your Journey The Right Way! by MOCHI HASS New With Musely Spot Cream? Start Your Journey The Right Way!Usethiscode during checkout to enjoy 30% off your first Face-RxorderMH7530orclickthe link below.

What spot cream formula or regeneration cream to you have?First, Identify the Spot Cream formula (M+, Erase, Nurture, HQ Free) and/or Regeneration cream (Gentle, Balance, Veterans) that's prescribed to you. Read the direction on how to apply it, in case of doubt, consult with your dermatologist.- Apply no more than a pea-sized amount every other day for the first two weeks to allow your skin to adjust to the medication. Slowly increase frequency to once a day (or twice if directed by doctor).- Listen to your skin! Consistency is key but it can be counterproductive if your skin is getting overly irritated. Take a break if you need to.- Remember, less is more. Using spot cream too much too frequently may lead to more irritation that triggers melanocytes to create more melanin.Ifyou are using both Spotcream and Night cream,youneed to alternately use them every other night with a rest in between until your skin it used to it. You need a program to do this.Here is a Sample routine:Monday: The Night Cream + moisturizerTuesday: moisturizerWednesday: The Spot Cream + moisturizerThursday: moisturizerFriday: The Night Cream + moisturizerSaturday: moisturizerSunday: The Spot Cream + moisturizer-Repeat for 2 wks. Apply physical sunscreen with iron oxide daily and every 2 hours thereafter.- Increase frequency as necessary and if skin can tolerate and don’t see any sign of side effects.My New Favorite Night CreamUn-Wrinkle Night CreamDeep wrinkle, facial expression night cream with an exclusive solution of anti-aging peptides and neuropeptides at a strength of 24%.  Contains:- Aloe Vera, - Vitamins A, C, E, - Pro Vitamin B5, - Retinol and - Glycolic Acid.- Use a simple moisturizer to combat any potential side effects like redness, drying, or peeling. We recommend applying CeraVe or Aquaphor 5-10 minutes after your Face-Rx treatment.- Sunscreen is your friend. It is crucial to apply sunscreen DAILY! Your skin is photosensitive while using the medicated cream. Results could be reversed if you get too much sun exposure.- Only use physical sunscreen with iron oxide. You will need approximately .65gm of sunscreen to cover your entire face.Finally, a food for thought.It is a marathon, not a race! It can be very exciting when starting your Face-Rx treatments, BUT it’s important to ease into it. Be patient and use it as directed because overuse of the treatments, can cause irritation, redness, and inflammation. So, you don’t want to be aggressive, and over-apply.Good luck!Don’t forget to like this tip. ThanksUse this codeduring checkout to enjoy 30% off your first Face-RxorderIV8629Click here to Oder: Letme know if the code isn’t working, I can give you another approved code if needed.


How long does it take to see results from Musely spot cream? ›

You can typically expect to see results in 6-8 weeks, so please be patient and don't get discouraged if you do not see immediate improvement. We recommend reaching out to your assigned dermatologist for further 1:1 guidance, if needed. Was this article helpful?

What not to use with Musely Spot Cream? ›

Avoid benzoyl peroxide as it is known to decrease the stability of tretinoin and may cause staining when used with hydroquinone. Also, abrasive cleansers (e.g., face wash with glycolic or AHA/BHA acids) can make the skin more sensitive and should be avoided.

How many times a day should I use Musely spot cream? ›

- Apply no more than a pea-sized amount every other day for the first two weeks to allow your skin to adjust to the medication. Slowly increase frequency to once a day (or twice if directed by doctor). - Listen to your skin!

How do I use Musely spot cream? ›

Apply thin film of Spot cream, rub the cream deep into your pores. The medication has to get down to the root layer of your epidermis for it to work. Let it dry, wait 5 mins. If using M+ formula, only apply on affected areas.

What is the number 1 Dark spot Remover? ›

Urban Skin Rx's Even Tone Cleansing Bar is our best overall pick for its dermatologist recommended formula that contains azelaic acid, kojic acid, and niacinamide—all actives that have been proven to fade spots.

What happens when you stop using Musely? ›

The Spot Cream works to prevent new excess pigments from being formed in new skin cells. The Musely FaceRx medication only works while you are using it and does not prevent the skin from producing new pigments in the future.

Can I put moisturizer on top of hydroquinone? ›

You can apply hydroquinone in the morning and evening. Let it sink into the skin before applying other products, such as moisturizer, and wash your hands after using hydroquinone, so it does not bleach your fingers. 4.

Can I use Musely spot cream and night cream together? ›

Say hello to glowing skin with these two holy grails! The Spot Cream and The Night Cream are the perfect duo to include in your skincare routine.

Does Musely really work for dark spots? ›

We consider both of Musely's most popular products to be likely effective. Their Spot Cream contains ingredients proven in clinical research to reduce hyperpigmentation (dark spots) on skin, and their Anti-Aging Night Cream is very well-formulated with multiple science-backed anti-aging ingredients.

Should you use spot treatment in the morning or night? ›

Spot treatments are usually used at bedtime, so after you cleanse, tone and apply moisturiser, then use the treatment on your spot and leave it overnight.” Even if you're using an acne patch and choose to do so in the day, follow your regular morning routine and then use the patch over it.

How long does it take for hydroquinone to work on dark spots? ›

It can take approximately 4-6 weeks of daily (or even twice daily) hydroquinone application before dark spots will begin to fade. After 8-12 weeks, optimal results should appear and overall skin tone will become more even.

Should I apply spot treatment everyday? ›

Using Them Too Often. Using any spot treatment product too often (and if you're using it more than twice a day, you're using it too often) will dry out the skin and can cause irritation. 7 A painfully dry, red, flaking pimple can be the result.

Do you put spot cream on before or after Moisturiser? ›

Like serums, these creams are potent and need to be clear of barriers to absorb properly - so it makes sense to apply before your heavier moisturisers and oils. Gently does it, pat in delicately with your ring finger to avoid tugging the delicate skin.

When should I apply dark spot treatment? ›

Use twice daily, morning and night, after cleansing.

How do you apply moisturizer before spot treatment? ›

Regardless of when you apply your spot treatment, make sure to tap it on before your moisturizer so it can really penetrate your skin and do its thang without having another barrier to penetrate (before?!

What clears dark spots the fastest? ›

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends the following treatments for dark spots in skin of color:
  • 2% hydroquinone.
  • azelaic acid.
  • glycolic acid.
  • kojic acid.
  • retinoids, such as retinol, tretinoin, adapalene gel, or tazarotene.
  • vitamin C.

How does Vaseline remove dark spots? ›

So to answer if vaseline removes dark spots - No, regular Vaseline is just petroleum jelly that seals in moisture and doesn't contain any ingredient that would remove dark spots.

What not to mix with hydroquinone? ›

Chan both agree hydroquinone does not play well with benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, or other peroxide products. Not only will pairing them cause irritation and dryness, but it can also temporarily stain your skin.

Do dark spots come back after stopping hydroquinone? ›

It is extremely important to not abruptly stop using hydroquinone. This can cause the melanocytes to react poorly and cause rebound hyperpigmentation.

Do dark spots come back after hydroquinone? ›

But over time, some of these consumers develop new pigment problems in the areas where they have faithfully applied hydroquinone. The product they bought to lighten sunspots, melasma, or other hyperpigmentation paradoxically leaves them with tough-to-treat issues such as severe rebound hyperpigmentation and ochronosis.

Do I put moisturizer before or after hydroquinone? ›

Wait for the cream to fully dry before applying makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen or any other topical products. Take care when applying hydroquinone cream near the eyes, nostrils and mouth. If your melasma-affected skin is close to these areas, consider using a cotton swab to apply the cream more precisely.

Do you rub in hydroquinone? ›

Apply Hydroquinone to a test patch at least 24 hours before using on your facial area. If no redness or itching occurs, it's likely that you'll handle the treatment well. It's equally important to start with clean, dry skin and to apply the solution to just the affected area by rubbing it in gently, but thoroughly.

Can I put hydroquinone all over my face? ›

Most people don't need it all over the skin, just in particular areas. You should use it in the areas with hyperpigmentation.” If you tend to be sensitive, he suggests using it on alternating days. When you know that your hydroquinone product works well with your skin, add a glycolic cleanser to your skincare routine.

Can hydroquinone make dark spots worse? ›

Hydroquinone may cause local skin irritation, however, and thereby leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, making the skin pigmentation worse.

What goes on first retinol or hydroquinone? ›

Retinol should be applied first, followed by hydroquinone in your nighttime regimen. As both are potent ingredients, you should wait 30 minutes so you give your skin's pH the time to rebalance before following with hydroquinone gel or cream.

What is the best product to remove dark spots on face? ›

"Olay's Vitamin C and Peptide 24 moisturizer is one of my favorite budget-friendly dark spot correctors to recommend to clients," Robinson says. "It's not only available at most drugstores, but also uses vitamin C, niacinamide, peptides, and lactic acid to even tone and support collagen rejuvenation."

What is the best cream to remove dark spot on face? ›

INTIMIFY 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum Skin Lightening & Glo... SWR S Glow - G Cream For Brightens & Lightens Skin Main... Lacto Calamine Daily Face care Lotion for Oil Balance -... INTIMIFY Dark Spot Remover Serum, Face Whitening fairne...

Which brand is best for dark spots? ›

  • Best Overall. Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum. ...
  • Best Value. Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector Serum. ...
  • Best Splurge. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. ...
  • Best Peel Pads. Dr. ...
  • Best Exfoliator. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. ...
  • Best With Retinol. Shani Darden Skin Care Retinol Reform. ...
  • Best With Vitamin C. ...
  • Best With Lactic Acid.
28 Nov 2022

Can you put moisturizer over spot treatment? ›

After applying your spot treatment, Dr. King recommends waiting one to two minutes for it to dry before moving on to the next product in your routine. If possible, avoid applying any other product directly on top of it to prevent it from getting diluted or moving around your face.

Are you supposed to rub in spot treatment? ›

Before applying each dose, gently wash the affected area with a mild cleanser, then pat dry. Apply a small amount of medicine to the affected area and rub in gently. Some products may require rinsing off after application for a certain amount of time.

Does hydroquinone make you look younger? ›

Fade Age Spots With Hydroquinone

It interferes with the skin's production of melanin, the pigment that gives age spots their color. Hydroquinone is available over the counter or in stronger concentrations by prescription.

Does hyperpigmentation get darker before it fades? ›

Yes. Active treatment accelerates cell turnover, pulling pigmented cells to the surface at a faster rate. This increases the concentration of melanin in the epidermis, which can create a temporary darkening of the spots. The darkening means the pigment is coming up and is ready to be shed away.

Can hydroquinone work in 2 weeks? ›

Hydroquinone's lightening effects are generally visible after 4 weeks of treatment, though some conditions may require a longer treatment plan. If no visible changes occur after 3 months of treatment, you should stop using hydroquinone and consult with your dermatologist about alternative treatment options.

Can you use too much spot treatment? ›

Acne treatments — especially those that contain active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid — are drying and a bit harsh on your skin. If you use too many treatments at the same time, your skin may become irritated, and you may actually suffer more breakouts as a result.

Can you leave spot treatment on overnight? ›

Try a spot treatment or pimple patch

You've probably seen these emergency pimple treatments at the drugstore — usually an extra-strong solution of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. And yep, they can actually get rid of pimples overnight.

How long do you leave spot treatment on? ›

Acne patches: 20-min minimum

From spots that reduce pimple size in just 6 hours to waterproof patches that will act on blemishes overnight, you're sure to find a patch to suit your skin care needs.

How long does it take for spot cream to work? ›

You will find that it'll roughly 4 weeks for the spot treatment to work at reducing the size and calming the redness of any breakouts. There are many different types of spot treatments available. Some formulas leave behind a visible patch with the drying and bacteria fighting ingredients busily work underneath.

What are the 7 steps of skin care? ›

7 Steps to a Comprehensive Skin Care Routine
  1. Cleanse. Great skin starts with a gentle yet thorough cleanse. ...
  2. Prep & Tone. ...
  3. Refine & Hydrate. ...
  4. Strengthen Skin & Address Concerns. ...
  5. Moisturise Well. ...
  6. Protect. ...
  7. Treat and Maintain Glowy, Youthful-looking Skin.
8 Jan 2022

How often should I use spot treatment? ›

If you are using a cream, lotion, solution, or gel, apply a thin film of the medication to the areas of your skin affected by acne, usually 1 to 2 times a day or as directed by your doctor. Before applying each dose, gently wash the affected area with a mild cleanser, then pat dry.

What order do you put face products on? ›

Be sure to always start with a clean face.
  1. Step 1: Cleanser. After removing all your makeup, cleanse your face with an oil-based or water-based cleanser—or both if you're doing a double cleanse! ...
  2. Step 2: Toner. ...
  3. Step 3: Serum. ...
  4. Step 4: Spot Treatment. ...
  5. Step 5: Eye Cream. ...
  6. Step 6: Moisturizer. ...
  7. Step 7: Face Oil.
10 Jul 2020

How Long Does spot treatment take to work? ›

While you may see some initial results immediately following your treatment, the best results appear within seven to ten days of your initial treatment.

How fast does hydroquinone fade dark spots? ›

When using hydroquinone, patients should not expect to see drastic results right away. It can take approximately 4-6 weeks of daily (or even twice daily) hydroquinone application before dark spots will begin to fade. After 8-12 weeks, optimal results should appear and overall skin tone will become more even.

How long does melasma cream take to work? ›

Results take time. When you follow your treatment plan, it usually takes between 3 to 12 months to see results. It may take longer if you've had melasma for a long time. To improve your results, dermatologists often recommend self-care.

How long does it take to remove a dark spot? ›

How long does it take for hyperpigmentation to fade? Once what's causing the dark spots or patches is found and stopped, fading can take time. A spot that is a few shades darker than your natural skin color will usually fade within 6 to 12 months. If the color lies deep in your skin, however, fading can take years.

Should I moisturize after spot treatment? ›

1 If you're just beginning with your benzoyl peroxide treatment, start using moisturizer now, even before you notice any uncomfortable dryness. You may be able to stave off the worst of it. If you've already succumbed to benzoyl peroxide-induced dryness and flakiness, slather on moisturizer as often as necessary.

Do you rub in spot treatment? ›

Before applying each dose, gently wash the affected area with a mild cleanser, then pat dry. Apply a small amount of medicine to the affected area and rub in gently. Some products may require rinsing off after application for a certain amount of time.

What deficiency causes melasma? ›

Thyroid abnormalities were reported to occur with melasma. Skin pigmentation is a common manifestation in nutritional deficiencies and frequently associated with deficiency of vitamin B12 .

What is the fastest way to remove melasma? ›

Doctors often use hydroquinone as the first line of treatment for melasma. Hydroquinone is available as a lotion, cream, or gel. It works by lightening the color of the skin patches. A person can apply the hydroquinone product directly to the patches of skin that are discolored or uneven.

How can I permanently remove melasma from my face? ›

Most cases of melasma will fade away with time and especially with good protection from sunlight and other sources of light. Unfortunately, there is no definitive treatment that will automatically make melasma disappear. At this time there is no way to remove dermal pigment.

How can I get rid of dark spots in 3 weeks? ›

Read more to know a few remedies to get rid of dark spots / Dark Spots and to make your skin smooth and soft.
  1. Drink Plenty Of Water. Drinking plenty of water can do wonders to your skin. ...
  2. Lemon Juice And Yogurt Face Mask. We all know that lemons have a number of benefits. ...
  3. Buttermilk. ...
  4. Aloe Vera. ...
  5. Tomatoes. ...
  6. Papaya. ...
  7. Honey.
24 Dec 2019

What do dermatologists recommend for dark spots on face? ›

To help brighten skin, Alexiades recommends using the ingredient glycolic acid, which can be found in products from the L'Oreal Revitalift line. This anti-aging dark spot corrector has a concentration of glycolic acid that is suitable for daily use and can visibly reduce spots in two weeks, says the brand.

Can dark spots fade in 2 weeks? ›

Many dark spots will eventually go away on their own, but how long that takes can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Yup, years. So if you're trying to get rid of dark spots on your skin at home—and fast—look for products that contain these ingredients to fade hyperpigmentation asap.


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