La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (2023)

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (1)

La Fiesta del Pueblo 2022, our annual celebration of the Latinx community and culture, was a success with over 22,000 attendees!

Thank you to all of the people who made La Fiesta del Pueblo 2022 possible!: Our Fiesta committee, staff, volunteers, fellows, CLAC members, board members, sponsors, agencies, artists, and festival attendees. La Fiesta del Pueblo 2022 would not have been possible without each and every one of you, Thank you <3

Be sure to stay tuned for details on how to be a part of La Fiesta del Pueblo 2023! Registrations and details will be made available in late May of 2023.

About La Fiesta del Pueblo

La Fiesta del Pueblo is the Triangle’s largest and mostdiverse festival of Latin American culture, featuring live music and danceperformances, visual and folk art exhibits, educational booths, and activities for the whole family.

Check out our Fiesta 2022 Program for all the details of our Fiesta including festival map, stage schedule, list of vendors, accessibility info, and more!

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We’re Back in Downtown!

We are thrilled to announce that La Fiesta will be in person again this year!

Our festival will be held Sunday, September 18th from 12pm-6pm on Fayetteville Street in beautiful Downtown Raleigh NC once again!

From Mexico to NC, Grupo Mojado Will Headline La Fiesta del Pueblo!

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (7)

Internationally famous and nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Group Album, Grupo Mojado will fill Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh with their lively music!

“We invite you to La Fiesta del Pueblo. We are excited to be able to share our music with our people in Raleigh this September 18th. We hope to see you there!” – Grupo Mojado

Listen to them in advance on their youtube channel!

Fiesta Talent and Vendor Spotlight

  • Artists
  • Food Vendors

Grupo Mojado

Internationally famous and nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Group Album, Grupo Mojado is characterized by their versatility in interpreting different musical genres such as pop ballads, grupera palada, tropical cumbia, boleros and more.

Grupo Mojado was born from the hand of Felipe Barrientos in the municipality of Heroica Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Over the years, they have established themselves as a Mexican group with great success in their country of origin as well as internationally. Among the countries they’ve toured include the United States, Argentina, Paraguay, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

Representing: Mexico

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (8)

Larry & Joe

Larry & Joe are versatile multi-instrumentalists and singer-songwriters on a mission to show that music has no borders. As a duo they perform a fusion of Venezuelan and Appalachian folk music. The program they offer features a distinct blend of their diverse musical inheritances and traditions.

Representing: Venezuela

Genre: Llanera, joropo, bluegrass

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (9)

Zona Tipica

Zona TIPICA is a group of Dominican musicians living in North Carolina. They got together with their talent to make TYPICAL music from the interior of the Dominican countryside. Perico Ripiao, composed of drums, accordion, conga, guitar, and singers

Genre: Typical Dominican music Perico ripiao

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (10)

(Video) La Fiesta del Pueblo 2010

Danny y JayPee

Two young artist composers of the urban genre, whose purpose in music is to show young people that everything can be achieved with effort and dedication, they only have to dream. Dreams come true.

Genre: Urban music

Orquesta K’che

North Carolina’s Orquesta K’Che [‘kah-CHAY’] has become the Triangle’s Latin Party Dance Band. When on stage, the eleven (11) piece band will delight the audience by projecting the musical energy of its members, who are ready to ignite and excite your next event or activity. “Orquesta K’che” is ready and looking forward to sharing its music and excitement.

Representing: Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela & USA

Genre: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, Latin jazz

Venezuela es Danza

“Venezuela es Danza”, was born in 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its mission is to spread Venezuelan folklore and culture. Its directors, Mariol Montero and Eduardo Atencio, met in Venezuela more than 10 years ago dancing, and are still dancing together as partners.

Representing: Venezuela

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Ballet Folklórico Orgullo y Alma Latina

The ballet began in 2008 in a school in Zebulon, with elementary school children. We moved to the City of Raleigh 6 years ago. We have different prints of Mexico, one coming from San Luis Potosí, which we will present today.

Representing: Mexico

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (13)

Batala Durham Inc.

We are all percussionists playing Samba-reggae music as Batalá Durham. Batalá Durham is part of a world-wide music project (42 bands around the world) that began in Paris, France, in 1997. Batalá Durham started in 2015.

Representing: Afro-Brazilian

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (14)

Danza Tradicional de Rayados

Our dance crew members are divided into two groups : One part represents the ‘Aztec Indians’ native to Mexico, and the other part represents the French who went into battle on April 20, 1862.

Representing: Mexico. Azteca,religion Católica

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (15)

World of Dance

World of Dance is an international dance company based in Virginia that specializes in traditional dances from around the world. Since 2006, this dance team has educated, enriched, and entertained audiences locally, nationally, and internationally. For the 2022 Fiesta, these women will present traditional Afro-Latin dances from Panama and Puerto Rico. This team is under the direction of Artistic Director, Bethanie Mickles, Esq.

Representing: Afro-Panamanian Congo Dance (Panama), Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba Dance (Puerto Rico)

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (16)

Takiri Folclor Latino

Takiri Folclor Latino is a dance group whose purpose is to share our culture through dance.

Representing: Colombia y Puerto Rico

(Video) See what you missed at/ Mira lo que perdiste en La Fiesta del Pueblo 2014

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Taste of Texas

Comida callejera mexicana: churros como hechos en casa con helado, mangonadas, piñadas, raspados, aguas frescas, manzanas dulces y picosas, funnel cake (masa frita), Oreos fritas.

Mexican street food: Made from scratch churros with ice cream, mangonadas, piñadas, raspados, aguas frescas, sweet and spicy apples, funnel cakes, deep-fried Oreos.

CocoCrissi Tropical Icees

Helado italiano

Italian ice

El Punto Food Truck

Comida Latina/Comida puertorriqueña

Latin cuisine/Puerto Rican food

Tacos mamá chava

Tacos, quesadillas, sopes, tortas

The Corner Venezuelan

Arepas, pepitos, patacón, hamburguesas, empanadas, bebidas/sodas

Arepas, sandwiches, fried plantains, burgers, empanadas, soft drinks

La República Taco

Comida Mexicana: tacos, quesadillas, burritos y nachos

Mexican food: tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos

Tacos neza

Tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, nuggets mexicanos

Tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, Mexican nuggets

The Silver’s Backyard food truck,

Comida dominicana y sureña (arroz, pollo, costilla, empanada, tostones, BBQ, guiso de rabo de buey, ensalada etc.)

Dominican and southern food (rice, chicken, ribs, empanada, fried plantain, BBQ, oxtail stew, salad etc.)

Classic Ice Cream

Helado, limonada y bebidas

Ice cream, lemonade and beverages

Sweet Southern SnoBalls

Raspados de (mango, piña colada, plátano y más sabores) con chamoy, tajín, chile en polvo, dulce de leche, crema batida arriba

Shaved ice snoBalls (mango, piña colada, banana and more flavors) toppings include chamoy, tajin, chili powder, dulce de leche, whipped cream

La Brisa

Paletas, dulces, Takis y aguas frescas

Popsicles, candy, Takis and Mexican fruit juice beverages

Five Star Coffee

Bolsas de café, bebida de loto, café frio, café regular de Honduras, Central América y Sur América.

Coffee bags, lotus drinks, cold brews, regular drip coffee from Honduras, Central America, and South America.

El sombrero azul

Pupusas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, arroz y frijoles, tortas

Pupusas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, rice and beans, tortas

Artesanía latina My paso fino

Joyería artesanal, monederos de cuero, fedora – todo pintado por artista puertorriqueño, sombreros, gorras, jerseys, hamacas colombianas hechas a mano y bolsas tejidas tradicionales.

Traditional handmade jewelry, traditional leather bags, fedoras – all hand painted by Puerto Rican artists, hats, jerseys, hand sewn Colombian hammocks, and traditional embroidered bags.

Jewels by Ella

Brazaletes, collares, colgantes para celular, anillos, gafas, cordones para mascarillas.

Beaded bracelets, necklaces, phone charms, rings, glasses, and mask lanyards.

Amantolli Handicraft LLC

Manualidades mexicanas, ropa, joyería, bolsas, zapatos, café mexicano, malvaviscos con sabor a café mexicano y mucho más.

Mexican handicrafts, clothes, jewelry, handbags, shoes, Mexican coffee, Mexican coffee marshmallows and more.

Hennaed by Hafsa

La jagua es un producto de tatuaje sudamericano derivado de una fruta que crece en Sudamérica y que ha servido como herramienta de decoración y para prevenir las picaduras de mosquitos.

Jagua is a South American tattoo product derived from a fruit that grows in South America, which has served as a tool for decoration and to prevent mosquito bites.

Bolovan. Genuine Mexican Boutique

Ropa y accesorios mexicanos hechos a mano con diseños coloridos. Joyas pintadas a mano hechas por chakira, semillas y mucho más.

Mexican handmade clothing and accessories with colorful designs. Hand painted jewelry made by chakira, seeds and much more.

Isabel’s Boutique

Joyería de Perú, Portugal y Grecia

Jewelry from Peru, Portugal, and Greece

(Video) 2017 Raleigh M.A.I.N. Events Press Conference - El Pueblo/La Fiesta del Pueblo

Artesanías Nicte Ha

Bolsas, monederos, aretes y sombreros mexicanos. Todo de diferentes colores y materiales.

Bags, coin bags, art, traditional Mexican hats. Everything in different colors and materials.

Guatemalan Arts and Crafts

Joyas de mostacilla, llaveros y figuritas hechas a mano por artesanos mayas en Guatemala.

Beaded jewelry, keychains & hand-made figures made by Guatemalan Mayan artists.

Ay! Maria

Joyería, accesorios para mujeres y regalos mexicanos

Jewelry, women’s accessories, and Mexican gifts

Artesanías Narvaez

Ropa típica de México para hombres, mujeres y niños. Joyería chapada en oro, sombreros pintados a mano, huaraches de cuero, etc.

Traditional Mexican clothing for men, women, and kids. Gold-plated jewelry, hand painted sombreros, traditional leather shoes, etc.

Shirley Rojas

Artesanía en madera y tejida de Costa Rica

Handmade woodwork, and hand-woven art from Costa Rica


Artesanía, pulseras, pantallas, accesorios hechos a mano de Puerto Rico y países hermanos

Crafts, bracelets, hand crafted accessories from Puerto Rico and nearby countries

Miriam Ximil Art

Obras de arte originales que representan la cultura mexicana, como impresos, pinturas originales y calcomanías.

Original works of art that represent Mexican culture, such as prints, original paintings, and decals.


Artesanías hechas en barro y masa polimérica para decoración de hogar y navideña de Colombia cultura paisa/antioqueña.

Crafts made in clay used as decorations for your home, and for Christmas from Colombia, paisa culture/antioqueña.

Flaca y Loro

Artesanías mexicanas tal como abrigos, bolsas, aretes, pulseras, collares, etc.

Mexican handcrafts, such as sweaters, handbags, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

World Accessories

Collares de Tagua, ponchos hechos en telar, muñecas hechas a mano de Colombia

Necklaces made of Tagua stones, hand woven ponchos, handmade dolls made in Colombia

Inca Marka Ecuador

Abrigo, mochilas, mantas de Ecuador

Sweaters, bookbags, blankets from Ecuador

Be Part of La Fiesta del Pueblo 2022!

Getting Around La Fiesta

La Fiesta del Pueblo is free and open to the public, with all of the day’s events taking place on Fayettbille Street as well as on the intersecting streets (Hargett St., Martin St. and Davie St.) Fayetteville Street is more than half a mile long, so there will be some distances to travel between sections of the festival.

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (18)

La Fiesta del Pueblo - El Pueblo, Inc (19)

Drop-off areas

Fayetteville Street and the first block of all side streets will be closed for the festival. Wilmington and Salisbury streets will remain open. Designated “Drop-off” areas will be available on the east and west sides of Fayetteville Street, at the Davie Street intersection, and at the Martin Street intersection. Consult our festival map for a detailed distribution of the download points for the festival.

Volunteers in official La Fiesta T-shirts are all around the festival – please ask one of us if you have a question!

Parking lots

Street parking surrounding the La Fiesta del Pueblo footprint is usually free all day on Sunday..

Some of the City parking decks are free all day on Sunday, as well. _Please refer to the map for all City of Raleigh parking decks available during La Fiesta del Pueblo.

Accessible Viewing Areas 

A designated accessible viewing area will be available in front of the stage for people who use mobility devices and their companions to help ensure that you can see what’s happening on stage. This area is intended for visitors who use wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility devices and their companions, as well as guests who have a disability that substantially limits their ability to stand and their companions. Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first served basis.


Street level accessible restrooms (portable toilets) are located on two side streets of the festival footprint: West Martin and East Davie street. See Program Map for more details.


La Fiesta del Pueblo has many precautions put in place to prevent but also help in the case of an emergency. If you need assistance, please look for one of these people:

  • La Fiesta volunteers wearing pink shirts
  • Uniformed City of Raleigh police officers

Call 911 if you need immediate assistance for an emergency.

Getting Around

All of the activities taking place at La Fiesta del Pueblo are on the street level with the roads closed off to motor vehicles all day on Sunday. While this means that some areas of the streets and sidewalks do get crowded, all street-level activities are physically accessible. You can avoid some crowding by going up or down a block to Wilmington or Salisbury and then returning to Fayetteville via one of the cross streets. Do note that some streets have a slight uphill pitch to them, especially the side streets: Martin, Davie and Hargett.

Public transport

The Moore Square Bus Station is located at 214 S. Blount Street, 1.5 blocks from the heart of La Fiesta del Pueblo.

The R-Line, a free shuttle, will also be available to help you get from your parking space to the festival footprint.

All R-Line and GoRaleigh vehicles are equipped with ADA access via an elevator or ramp.

Sighted Guides

For people who are blind or have low vision, you may request to be paired with a sighted guide who will help you navigate La Fiesta del Pueblo. While our preference is for you to reserve in advance, some sighted guides are available during the festival at the booth at the intersection of Davie Street and Fayetteville Street.

Service Animals

We welcome service animals at La Fiesta del Pueblo.

Questions or Comments?

La Fiesta del Pueblo’s organizers work hard to make all of its programming accessible to everyone! If you need assistance or have additional questions during La Fiesta del Pueblo, please visit one of our information booths located at every intersection on Fayetteville Street.

If you have additional questions or comments, or would like to be part of the general conversation about accessibility at the event, please email Cecilia at or call (919) 835-1525, ext. 104.

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Click The Icon Below To Learn More About Our Past Fiestas!

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

(Video) La Fiesta del Pueblo 2015 - Interview w/ABC11


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